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In Topic: Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

19 March 2013 - 02:13 AM




We've released a beta demo and would love for you all to try it out! Please note that nothing is final in this demo and, in fact, we're already making a number of changes and additions based on feedback we've received thus far.

Please go and play it, though, and offer us comments and suggestions based on your first impressions of Humans Must Answer.

There are four levels in total, and a number of the story elements are missing - it will feel like you just jump in and won't know these characters. The main thing to concentrate on is the gameplay at this point, which is an element we're still tweaking and hope to be even smoother soon.

Downloads [WINDOWS ONLY] (Extract .rar first and then double click the .exe):

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/22im8gyalc58meu/HMADEMO.rar

Website: http://sumomgames.com/load-HMADEMO.rar




In Topic: Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

13 March 2013 - 06:34 AM

I'm very sorry it took so long to reply ) work takes all the time.
feel like a cave man, who finally got out of the cave )) it is certainly wrong )


to jbadams: 

yeah, of course. What I need to do for that? (if it is still valid :))


to Cornstalks:



to Stormynature:

hm, good question. I don't know. The core of the STALKER team is now working on Survarium - http://survarium.com/en




btw if someone want to pre-order the game or/and want to help make it bigger and better )





We need just £5,000 to add the final polish to the game and cover start-up costs in anticipation for a release on Windows PCs in May 2013.

However, we've had a number of requests for extra features such as co-op play, and so if we can obtain extra funds, as outlined by the stretch goals, then we can add extra music tracks, levels, bosses, enemies and said co-op play too! Of course, adding these extra features will add time on to the game's development and will mean the game sees a release after May 2013. In return for pledging money towards Humans Must Answer, backers can get their hands on digital copies of the game and its soundtrack, with higher tiers offering ways for players to add their own personal touches to the game such as appearing inside it as a statue, having their portrait etched on to the moon or working with us to create an alternate ending for the game.

Please spread the word in any way you can and if you need any extra information or materials to aid you in that please just ask!

In Topic: Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

17 January 2013 - 08:24 AM





With the danger of living in today's Solar System, all you really want is to be around likeminded people, a comfortable home and the latest technology to make your life as easy as it possibly can be. Right? Located on and around the always sunshine-happy Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede, New Uruk is a new kind of city for exciting people - one that welcomes you with open arms and guarantees that all of your needs can be catered within a kilometer radius.

Since its inception, New Uruk has become the commercial and domestic heart of the galaxy. There's no place quite like it! Being situated right next to the huge scientific laboratories around Jupiter means that the very latest innovative breakthroughs are delivered to, sometimes even tested on, the denizens of New Uruk. You can be ahead of all the technological trends to ensure that your apartment is kitted out with the most plush metallic wares. If you are into your science, then you'll be excited to hear that you'll be just minutes away from all of the biggest fairs and expos - tech heads and cyborgs will fit right in here!

New Uruk is also one of the cleanest human cities of today's great age! This is partly due to making use of our huge Solar Sails to bring electricity 24/7 to everyone located in three of the city's four huge quadrants, but also because all other resources are imported from Mars. You'll find no quarries here!

Worried about crime in the big city? Fear not, for New Uruk has the best police force that humankind has ever known. Led by the formidable Sheriff Gilgamesh, our police units use the latest search and tracking technology to chase up any crime they don't deal with on the spot with a 99% chance of justice being served!

We can't wait to hand over your new apartment in our exciting city! We're sure you'll fit right in as all personalities are served, ensuring you can live your life of pleasure with no worries. Sign up today!

And remember, always wear your Sun Screen!

In Topic: Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

16 October 2012 - 10:27 AM

Humans Must Answer has been submitted to the IGF! We're nervous :) New trailer too:

And if you want to play Humans Must Answer on Steam, then you need to help us out and vote it up on Greenlight! :)

In Topic: Humans Must Answer (2D space shooter)

22 July 2012 - 02:13 AM

Some amazing work going on here, looks awesome! Any scheduled release date? And will you be releasing this on XBLA as well?

We hope early next year.
For XBLA we need publisher, so I don't know for now.