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How much C is enough to start programming games?

29 February 2012 - 06:10 PM

I'm starting to learn C with plans to eventually start programming some games. I have background experience in Python and Java so I decided to go with K&R for learning purposes. I heard it's a great book and a better language introductory has never been written. This, in addition to providing a number of exercises, made K&R seem like a solid choice.

How much C is enough to start programming games, though? Will finishing this book leave me with enough know-how to start working on something simple (say, a breakout clone)? Should I pick through a book on algorithms and data structures or, perhaps, a more advanced C book before moving on?

NOTE: Yes, I know C++ is more popular for game development. Yes, I'm well aware that Python and C# are easier languages to learn. Yes, I'm going to stick with C. Comments concerning the previous statements will be ignored. Cheers!