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Never made a 3D game before, need some advice

02 March 2012 - 04:12 PM

Hey there everyone,
I am completely new to this forum and to the subject in general. I've made 2D sidescrollers in the past with basic point and click software, as well as MS-DOS 'If, then' statement oriented text games. Pretty old school, yes. It was the only software I could get at the time to work with and I wasn't too interested in diving deep with the game design. So, the problem is this:

I am creating something with writing that I would like to make a companion world to. Basically I write the story, then design some levels according to the moods, atmospheres, and weather related events in the story. I'm looking for it to be an interactive world, not necessarily a mission based game. I'm more focused on the art aspect and designing a world in accordance to my story. My needs for this 'game' would be a software that can program Windows and iOS games, and not require code. More of a program where I can focus more on designing the levels visually then having to code in and focus on a lot at one time. I have looked into the UDK development program (Unreal) and wonder if that would be what I'm looking for? I just need something basic, simple to learn, and visual, not code based. If anyone can assist me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.