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In Topic: Encapsulating a network message

16 April 2012 - 12:44 PM

You know the packet structure for the game?

Yes, the packet consists of such parts in order: first comes the length of the message, then the message ID, after that comes the data
The length is encoded in the first byte, the message ID in the next three bytes and then comes data.

In Topic: Encapsulating a network message

15 April 2012 - 06:17 AM

1 - Work with word data type messages ( 2 Bytes ).
2 - I think, u don't need to store message length, because a word value is 2 bytes ( 0-65535 ).

After the message, write the buffer/data.

In server, first read the message, after read buffer/data based on messageid.

The thing is that i have no access to the source code of the client, I'm making a server emulator.
So i need to send the message length, sorry for not mentioning it.

In Topic: Asynchronous sockets

24 March 2012 - 12:47 PM

Nother Question: How much clients would i be able to handle with a Thread-Per-Client implementation?

In Topic: Asynchronous sockets

23 March 2012 - 05:55 AM

Those are *exactly* the Windows 3.1 APIs that I recommended against using. They are old, perform terribly, have bugs, and are hard to use.

I already started reading on IOCP anyway Posted Image i saw this tutorial earlier, It's for a Win32 app, I'm making my server in a form of a CMD Posted Image
Maybe you could suggest me some tutorials/references?

In Topic: Asynchronous sockets

20 March 2012 - 03:23 PM

I'm going for Windows :P