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In Topic: Mixing and Mastering

29 June 2013 - 07:00 PM

I'll give you some pointers from my own experience and maybe you will find it helpful!


Unfortunately one of the things with youtube is that there is so much bad advice. Now someone might go and say there's not really bad advice that there are just different approaches, some more appropriate than others. But I always try and look for reliable sources from people who have been doing this professionally.


I do some orchestral compositions and I mix and master my own stuff though I come from a rock background as a bass and guitar player. I still struggle to get my orchestral stuff to sound like the pros. I think something is good and then I hear someone else's work and I think "oh my god this is AMAZING" *sigh* But that's always the artist's curse.


I try and spend time listening to real orchestral recordings, my favorite movie scores, and emulating how they feel. Again, since I have a rock background I kept wanting to mix my percussion very up front and "heavy" but it ended up making my mixes sounding thin when they hit a limiter or any sort of bus compression. So given some more studying and messing with EQs you'll eventually figure out how to achieve that sound you're looking for and then you can start to slowly integrate special techniques.


One thing I always wanted to do was wash everything in reverb, but I studied more on this and I think I have improved. So I think maybe that's one thing you might want to look into. There are many ways to achieve "depth" in mixing. Carving out instruments via EQ is one way, but adding the appropriate reverb can be another way. Not to make it "better," but to achieve a new realism and life to your mixes that maybe they are lacking.


Another thing I've always been told by many many composers is to really get the hang of using your MIDI CC messages. Really dig in and use expression to give everything movement. I've had a hard time with this because I haven't spent much time with orchestral instruments so I have to always have a reference on how they should sound (Or at least what I'm trying to achieve). So making sure your automation is killer can be important to the mix rather than worrying about EQ, compression, and etc. And sometimes I forget this and my strings sound flat, or my horns don't have power. Just automation can really make a huge difference.


As far as mastering, a really great plugin is iZotope Ozone. It's got a lot of great tools and can EASILY be misused. But there are tons of tutorials on how to use it's advanced features to make professional sounding masters (That is if you don't already use it)


And of course, bounce your mixes off of someone else! I have a few friends I always go to, most of them are mix engineers, live sound engineers and don't really do composition, but they have an ear for a good track so it's good to get another perspective. Sending them to random people you don't really trust can be hard and subjective and it may be hard to tell where you need to go with your mix.


Anywho, I hope this has been helpful!

In Topic: 3D Audio Game

29 June 2013 - 06:45 PM


I do have a friend in mind who has been open to the idea so we'll see how things go, might be a fun experience.



One thing I would suggest.  Take your idea from "an idea for an audio game" and turn it into a detailed, written design document.  There are 500 decisions that need to be made even for the simplest game idea, and defining them is 98% of game design.  That'll also make it much easier for your programmer friend to do what you have in mind.  and in the process of writing it, you'll uncover a host of these sorts of issues and be forced to spell them out.

Let us know how things go!



Cool! Thanks for the advice, it's definitely something I'd like to do eventually so hopefully when some more details surface I can share the experience ;)

In Topic: 3D Audio Game

28 June 2013 - 02:23 PM

Hey Cbledsoejr!

That sound cool.  Yes, Somethin' else is apparently now licensing their 3D sound engine.  See if you have any friends who do iOS programming and turn your idea into a game.  Or were you thinking of trying to programing it yourself.

iOS SDK is pretty good, though it took me a while to get the hang of parts of it. 


I've been looking to partner with someone who is skilled in programming and can maybe do a test run with me and get a prototype done (So I know what I'm getting myself into!) I do have a friend in mind who has been open to the idea so we'll see how things go, might be a fun experience.

In Topic: 3D Audio Game

26 June 2013 - 12:29 PM

Very cool! Thanks for sharing! It's great to see other people visiting this idea of audio games now that the technology is so available to everyone with the presence of iOS devices.


It's funny, I've had an idea for an audio game for awhile, but


1. I'm not a game designer and

2. These things require custom audio engines and I just don't have the skill set for that.




I was in talks with the guys over at Something Else who created the http://papaengine.com/ This was about a year ago and they basically said "Give us a little longer, we're working on an engine/API that will be available to license!" So I've held my horses and now it looks like I have to revisit this idea of mine

In Topic: Visionary Sound Libraries

23 June 2013 - 09:12 AM

Great work. I feel like I'm always in need of foley/footsteps :) Will donate when I am able to and keep up the great recordings.