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In Topic: Repositioning circles on collision

08 May 2012 - 04:09 AM


Maybe you should check for collision if there is move them back so that they are now on the bounds of the collision and then change there velocity that should stop them getting stuck inside each other.

oops i think i misread the question.

so move the centre of the colliding circle back along the direction of travel -x, -y, by the amount of distance between the two radius of both circles. then handle the colision

In Topic: Unity - Assets and tools to get started

03 May 2012 - 03:22 AM

hi jefferytitan,

have you been on the assest store in unity and downloaded all the free bits and pieces on there also the tutorials on the unity website come with some very good assests i found a FPS tutorial but its not listed when i visist the website so maybe google unity 3d FPS tutorial that has a few nice models and stuff.

the ones from the asset store and tutorials should be good enough to show people although they may not all be in the same style the can just act as spaceholders until you find the right kind of models you need.

In Topic: Examples of component design in simple game such as pong

02 May 2012 - 01:44 AM

Hi FLeBlanc

i wish i was your boss because i would give you a promotion and a payrise thank you for doing that for me you have gone well above the call of duty :)

now its in c++ i can understand your code fully and also use it as a base for future programs i make. i also think im begining to understand the benefits of learning this way over oo. and now i have the fun of learning and expanding on your example im sure it will open up a whole new rabbit hole for me to fall into but at least now i have a map and a candle to find my way out :) perhaps ill need to learn mapreading also lol

Hi Beernutts that looks very cool i will have a good read of it soon it looks very interesting at the moment i think its quite alot of info in one project to wrap my head around but once i finish teething on this examples then i can have a good chew at yours :)

i cant thank you enough and im sure i will be back to call on your knowledge soon

In Topic: Examples of component design in simple game such as pong

29 April 2012 - 03:39 PM

Cor i know one thing Lua is a bit complicated to understand ive read a few basic love2d tutorials and i still struggling to translate your code :)

also i tried to run your script but i must be doing something wrong as it says no code to run, any ideas?

Many Thanks again :)

In Topic: Examples of component design in simple game such as pong

27 April 2012 - 03:22 PM

thank you so much that was a very kind thing to do the first post was more than enough but the second one is truely amazing Posted Image
i think i understand exactly how this works now and will be studing this tread for a while but now i have the tools and the theory to move away from inheritance and focus on components Posted Image

i have looked on google for this kind of example one that is simple enough to understand but shows exactly what is going on i just hope it will help future noobs like me well i know it will.

thank you for helping me Posted Image

i have never used Lua and i have been reading a little to try to understand your code it seems like an awesome language i am going to test your code and then try to convert it to c++ but i think i may try to learn Lua one day :)