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In Topic: Seeking advice on a minecraft-like game project

29 January 2013 - 11:09 PM

You might want to check this game named "King Arthurs Gold" where you basically have a side view 2D grid of ground/stone/ore/tree/whatever,

Nice, I just checked the game. Some mechanics of it definitely worth learning. Although, making them work in 3D is really challenging considering the time and manpower I have.


I'd make a "Seige Defense" game. Your objective is to defend a town, person (king), or holy relic from invaders.

Yes, thanks for your ideas. I was actually working on a design similar like that, and found the hard part is to make the AI work in this dynamic environment, and not sure about if putting all the effort in it will result in "equivalent fun" to the players. Perhaps more effort in the PVP mechanics will bring more fun in this type of game.


Omg, make world exploration/interaction as your primary focus. It's a crime not to use such beautiful world as a primary component of your game.

Thanks, I'll review my thoughts about giving that up, and put some more research time on making the world big and rich enough and see how it goes.

In Topic: Seeking advice on a minecraft-like game project

28 January 2013 - 06:28 AM

It just seems if you do something focused on pvp, the terrain component might go a bit wasted


How about digging the world as a mean to resource gathering?

e.g. you want to build a tower, you first need to find and dig some stones and wood?

So you'll be given some "free" time to gather and build defense towers before a wave of zombies spawning to attack the base you need to protect. 

How's that sound in general?

In Topic: Seeking advice on a minecraft-like game project

28 January 2013 - 06:08 AM

ZaneLi, very nice work, really classy! smile.png I hope you will be successful with your project andI want to ask what technologies you have used for this?



If you were referring to the "voxel to polygon" tech, it's some kind of derived version of dual contouring I came up with some "hacks" to get rid of the harsh requirement of the "Hermite Data" while still preserving the sharp features of the geometry.