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Can i change a smartphones hardware?

25 May 2012 - 12:44 PM

now i love my sony xperia play but i'm very disappointed. first thing this morning (well afternoon) i read news that sony deiced not to update the play to 4.0 (a.k.a. ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich). i was hoping that would make the phone a little faster and more fluent, but it'll never come out :/ . so i started thinking, why is this phone slower then other smartphones, Hardware. i love it's Game pad but i hate the small hard drive, and RAM (it's practically the same amount of space in internal storage and ram, wtf?!?) and it's processor is actually only one core when most of the phones now a day are dual, and Samsung is bringing quad to the table, why stay with one core? and since i don't see a new play station certified phone coming out anytime soon (at least one with a game pad) so now i'm stuck with either "great gaming" or "a good smartphone". can i change the phone's hardware?

good tutorial (or book) to start with Actionscript 3

19 March 2012 - 11:55 AM

i want to start from the very basic, like a for dummies type of tutorial. i dipped my toe into VB.net but it's time i moved on to something a little more exiting, VB wasn't very fun. after a lot of work all i got was sh*tty hello worlds but hey, worked for experience. i want to start coding (from scratch) on to actionscript, and start working on my first real projects. any help of tutorials i should check out?

Whats wrong with java?

13 March 2012 - 10:00 AM

I've been looking around the web and I've seen a deep hatred towards java? I mean to me it seems like a decent language (then again i'm a noob that doesn't know sh*t about programming other then "If then's" statements.) I also have seen that C++ has a very good rep. can someone explain this to me in VERY VERY LAYMEN TERMS? (noticed how i bolded, underlined AND CAPITALIZED, very very laymen.)

Starting right now. Would appreciate any help, even encouragement

11 March 2012 - 03:17 PM

I am very, VERY lost. I've been trying to learn how to do game developing. even something as basic as a tetris game, a mario bros. clone, or even a pac-man clone. To get to these I've been working on Windows Visual Basic 2008 Express and learn some basic coding. Is this the right step, should i jump to something more steep? What should i do? so far the most I've done is an 'if then' statements, textbox usage and that's it.is there any books, if so which? ANY THING WILL HELP, even a story of how you guys got started, i will love it. thanks in advanced!