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#4968652 How does a nobody actually make a game?

Posted by on 12 August 2012 - 03:10 AM


This is a purely hypothetical question.

Suppose, I actually had a great idea for a game, and suppose, that were it to be produced, it would not only be hugely successful, it would be really big. Just suppose.

How does someone like me (a little knowledge of c++ and a good idea of how to develop this game IF I had a big wad of cash) actually go about getting it done?

I see thread after after thread (all over the net) advising not to bother/it'll never happen/do something else, but there are obviously people who have managed to make it happen. So what do they do that's so different?

Essentially, what I am asking is this:

Suppose I have a great enough idea for a game (an some idea as to how to execute the design), that you're convinced it will, if made, be a phenomenal success. What would you suggest I do with it? Send to Eidos? Approach the bank? Slog away in my own time for the next 12 years?

Honestly, there must be some way of doing this.