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16 March 2012 - 03:26 AM

Hi Steven, I have a few thoughts on what you have up so far.

First off, I liked the blend of intelligence and silliness. Mixing psychology talk with a guy named Buttfroth could hit some pretty funny marks, though you’d have to be careful to not push it too far. It makes me think of Archer, the TV show, a bit. It seems completely silly, then hits you with some idea or reference that makes you rethink what’s going on.

Beyond that, it’s pretty hard to give any other feedback, simply because there’s not enough info yet. The big thing that I’d want to see, the Gameplay, isn’t yet available. I can kind of guess that it’s a puzzle platformer from the descriptions of the fish, but that’s a real stab in the dark.

The fish designs look pretty nice, though I think it’d be nice to see some more variation in the silhouetting. The Cleaner and the deflated Puffer have similar shapes, depending on your gameplay, it might be hard to keep track of your character. Again, without seeing a gameplay shot, it’s hard to tell. Also, the feet feel weird. Maybe, since they’re so advanced and have psychic abilities/tech, they could have enlarged brains that make them “swim” through the air.

Thanks for sharing your work!