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SDL_EnableKeyRepeat syncronization problem

31 March 2012 - 02:35 AM

Hi everyone, this is my scenario. I have a background wich is scrolling, and I blit a spite over it.

If I press key by key and/or if have EnableKeyRepeat disabled: the sprite it is rendered ok, according the background moves.frame by frame.
This not a very playable scenario.
If I press continously with SDL_EnableKeyRepeat, the sprite flickers As if some key states weren't processed, so a 'blank' sprite appears.

The input handler is very straight forward: it sets the speed of background movement and it chooses the rectangle of the sprite sheet.

This is the code:
//Game Loop
/ /Event loop
	apply_surface( bgX, bgY, background, screen );
	apply_surface( bgX + background->w, bgY, background, screen );
	// displaying sprite

Any suggestion? thanks

Game freezes after a seconds

18 March 2012 - 09:46 PM

Hi everyone, I am developing a single game with C++/SDL under Linux, just for render in 2D (I couldn't use openGL for hardware requeriments).
In its 1st phase it was just a sprite moving around, it worked.

I added screens, and the sprite. Each screen has it own file, the sprite movement it's in a spite sheet.
According I move backward/forward I change the screen or the sprite 'walk' through differents screen, jumps, etc.

I only once load the sprite file, the other ones, which contain the differents, screens (backgrounds) are loaded on demand (and I free them as well). I mean, if it's time to screen2, I do a SDL_FreeSurface(screen1) and then I load screen1.

It seems it's ok, but after a seconds the game gets stuck, it freezes.

What could be wrong?.

Thanks, and regards