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In Topic: MTuner - A free C/C++ memory profiler and leak finder

Yesterday, 01:39 AM

Looks like it might be a very useful tool! I have installed from the zip file, and I just used the default for the symbol locations.


Still figuring out all the info it provides! :)

In Topic: Estimating the performance of my application a priori?

22 October 2016 - 03:01 AM

This is taking premature optimization to a whole new level.

I know people often bring up that Knuth quote .. but in my experience while you need to beware the pitfalls, it can be a very good idea to try and think about an efficient approach to your whole problem from the start. There are many failed projects and businesses as a result of not taking the time to think carefully about the best way of solving a problem before diving in.


Alright, you probably won't get it right first time, and you typically will end up redoing it several times until you come up with your current 'best solution', but you can save yourself a lot of wasted time. And the big point the 'premature optimization' argument kind of misses is that in many business environments you might not even get the opportunity to refactor it (try explaining software development to a bunch of clueless money crunchers), you might only get one shot.


Typically you need to liaise with a programmer and get them to write some test stuff for the kind of calculations you will be doing on each unit, to get any idea of how many is practical, and design around that.


But other than that, your problem domain is a little vague for us to give specific recommendations. For instance, is this a scientific application? Are the results of each unit required to be correct and calculated, or can they be estimated? Is it running on one machine? Or multiple? GPU, multithreading etc etc.

In Topic: How the hell do you even get people to play your game? Tired everything!

15 October 2016 - 02:46 AM

I won't disagree it's an absolute slog getting downloads .. some of it is pure marketing, which is quite different from developing, and I personally find a bit morally distasteful. <_< But there you go it's a large part of the battle, unless you happen to go viral.


That said, on first look at your game, my thoughts would be:


1) Where's the graphics?

2) What makes it different from umpteen million similar games?


Yeah, and as said, lack of video was a thing too.


Programmer art is great for development, but realistically it is not likely to get you downloads. On 2, if it is in fact similar to umpteen million games (let's face it for most games, a lot of mechanics are non-original), what about putting a slant on it, like making it trump and clinton or something topical.

In Topic: An alternative to "namespaces"

15 October 2016 - 02:30 AM

Personally at the moment I use prefixes (and short descriptive names), for the same reasons you are suggesting .. writing too much 'faff' boilerplate code (you might end up using macros / tricks to reduce this).


But I think it depends what you are writing, if I were writing a library for others to use, I'd namespace everything, to prevent name conflicts and delineate code. And also when working with a team it can make sense to help prevent programmers stepping on each others toes.


It isn't such a massive task to refactor in / out namespaces, so I'm a big fan of going with what makes you more productive. :P Although I'm sure there are zealots who wouldn't write a 'hello world' without a namespace.

In Topic: Sound effects sound like noise or are much too loud

09 October 2016 - 10:29 AM

If that's the cause, how can it be fixed?

It is just a guess, but it can be a problem with wildly varying hardware setups, and can give noise / glitches like this. On the other hand it could be something else .. it is hard to diagnose remotely based on a small amount of info, which might be why you got few answers.


Sorry I can't tell you how to fix sound buffer issues as I've never used monogame, and it is not necessarily a simple problem to fix. You'll have to do some detective work. If it *is* the problem then the thread / callback that is responsible for filling the round robin sound buffers may not be doing it in time (say if something else is monopolising the CPU), or the buffer sizes are too small / big etc. Have a look through the docs for the API you are using. A quick google suggests someone had a similar problem when using the garbage collector with monogame:




That the UI sound effects have the problem and not the environment is interesting and is worth investigating. Maybe you are doing something super CPU intensive in response to UI clicks and preventing the sound updating.