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Nohbdy Ahtall

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#4926615 Rookie game design blog

Posted by on 30 March 2012 - 03:14 AM

Hey Daniel! I'm new to the community too, and also new to programming.

I read a little of that blog, and I think it's purrty yarn awesome! This is coming from someone who is inexperienced and finds many things awesome, eheh. Still though, it felt very quality in my opinion, both in writing and in information.. I felt like I learned something!
The only thing that might need fixing that I noticed was the description/motto under the title, doesn't seem to match the quality of what's below! That fix is more useful towards the judge-a-book-by-it's-cover people visiting the blog(and me pointing it out reminds me of marketer/advertiser-type business people, *shiver* Posted Image), but it sure is an easy fix!

Now as for this "more technical" question... well here's my opinion as a beginner(...if your blog is aimed at beginners at all x.x...) : I think, I'd love if you would take technical aspects and make them easy to understand using your writing skills. Perhaps creative writing, to use non-technical explanation to show the technical side... or perhaps even merge the two, or at least have both sides of the spectrum! It'd be interesting if you not only stuck with one aspect of the technicality too, such as when you're explaining "how" to make something work, you could also discuss "why" - including as "why not" and "why this instead of...". Perhaps go into the big picture of it, and maybe even the tiny details and facts, as well as the middle-ground.*
And of course, keeping it game-related... that definitely helps! I understand health bars and inventories over databases and accounting software!

*For example!: "Here's what the blah piece of code does, you'd probably want to use it when you're doing this kind of thing, but maybe not so much when dealing with that kind of thing, in which the blergh code would be better for. Here's an example [insert example]. - Now this blah code in the big picture is like.. whoah, and just.. bam. Remember though, blah can do this, but not that.. ever... and if you do those other things with it, it'll change it automatically to a bleh.
(The above is an extremely crude example, x.x)