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Anthony Samuel

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Chaotic Gaming Studio's presents Chaotic Ways An MMORGP 3D Adventure game

28 March 2012 - 11:36 PM

Hello everyone at gamedev.net, Our company is working on building a great game! it's going to be one of the next #1 MMORPGs ! here is a link to our project on kickstarter: http://www.kickstart...haotic-or-seren

Here is our facebook if you'd like to be updated by our team:https://www.facebook...ticGamingStudio

We will be working on this game 24/7 until our funds get here, We will hire more then 20 new employees off the bat! We hope this game will be for true gamers and gamers alone will have a say in everything we do, this is why we would like funding from gamers,developers, and people just wanting to help!


Anthony G. Samuel CEO & founder of Chaotic Gaming Studio