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Leverman > Finished first mvp

Posted 05 September 2016

I finished the first mvp (minimum viable product) of leverman with all features i wanted ;-)
The first level is fully playable from start to finish and contains the following features:

- Tilemap based
- Player based on character controller including double jump support
- Simple generic following camera system
- Player interaction system (Levers, Elevato...

Leverman > Back in Business

Posted 13 August 2016

Due of lack of time i had to stop the video documentation series totally :-( But dont feel down! I started last month working with unreal engine 4 again with very good success ;-) As a matter of fact i made more progress in the last month than in the past 2 years! With UE4 i can fully focus on gameplay and not on writing engine code at all and this i...

Leverman > It goes smoothly

Posted 17 November 2015


Since last time i have successful continued the "Leverman Devlog" series and uploaded 65 episodes!
It goes very well and we make steady progress towards a physics based platformer ;-)

We are at the point where we start creating the actual platformer with an integrated level editor.

What we/i have done so far:

- Rendering pixels directly on a...

Leverman > A new start ... from scratch

Posted 06 September 2015

Hi there,

half a year later i am back! The project is still going on, but in a new and much simpler way:

I started completely from scratch, including creating some sort of a design/story document to capture the game idea.
Also i am recording every coding session for this project, including some heavy and detailed explanation - like a tutorial of some so...

Leverman > It goes ahead slowly

Posted 29 January 2015

Finally i have implemented edge and chain shape one-way collision support and it works great.
Of course the performance was really bad after i used it in my actual game test level which does contains a lot of line segments, but i found a solution for that. I use two additional uniform grids to sort in the fixtures + proxy-index and use the exact same appr...