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In Topic: Platformer style tutorial. How to import files from tiled etc?

09 September 2016 - 08:06 AM

Google for "speculative contacts platformer" and you will find a very good resource.

In Topic: Position Based Fluids smoke and fire

02 September 2016 - 04:43 AM

Smoothing kernels are always build around some fixed radius/distance which is in SPH mostly a multiple of the particle radius - so that more than one particle can be included in the calculation.

In Topic: Your Preferred Os And Why

29 August 2016 - 08:01 AM

Well i have used microsoft operating systems since the very beginning (dos 5), but had always the urge to checkout other systems.
I have tons of years of experience with bsd-systems and linux-distros but i always had weird hardware or software issues all the time - graphics not working properly, input device not working, sound not working, second monitor not working, packages is depends on X but X cannot work cause... etc.
Of course i got it fixed someway, but it took me a lof of time to get it running and sometimes money where i had to buy older hardware to get it working... O_o
So i pretty much have given up to using a *nix system for private productive environment at all.

Nowadays i use windows 10, upgraded all my pcs and i dont regret it.
Windows 10 runs much better than 7. It is more responsive, works better with modern hardware and boots almost in 5-7 secs to the login screen (Win 8.1 was much faster with active fast boot ~3 secs to the login screen).

The only system i use linux as main os is my media game couch pc connected to the tv - but even this has windows 10 with steam installed of course.


- Has much much better games support than linux (only native games in linux runs better sometimes than in windows)
- Visual studio 2015 is unbeaten for creating rich large gui applications (WinForms, WPF)
- Visual studio 2015 c++ coding is getting better (refactoring is finally possible, c++/11 support)
- VMWare/Virtualbox VM GPU support (OpenGL 2+, Direct3D 9) support is much better on windows
- Delphi IDE was really fun to code with until it was sold to codegears/embarcadero
- There is no linux version available of UE4 / Unity
- Much better hardware support
- Multi-monitor support was always working (*nix world took ages to get it properly working -> xorg.conf NOOO!!!!)


- Since visual studio > 2008 the performance gets slower and slower, even with much better hardware...
- Web-development is very annyoing under windows: Installing required packages is so much easier in linux (nodejs, geo-tools, php, apache, tomcat)
- Java RE runs much better on linux than on windows (Exceptions are awt/swing - those runs worse on linux than on windows O_o)
- Multi desktop support is much better in *nix window managers
- Sometimes you must throw-out/replace your working scanner/driver when you upgrade to a higher windows version, because there is no driver anymore... (opposite of *nix)

- Connecting to linux shells is a pita (Cygwin, X-Window system etc...)

In Topic: Removing a deep recursive folder structure

29 August 2016 - 06:20 AM

A bit late, but in such a case i would boot up a live linux from disc, mount the NTFS Partition and remove the folder where the nestination begins. It may work it may not - depends on the distro/used ntfs module.

In Topic: Use Of Static Variables

04 August 2016 - 05:06 AM

Statics are fine for singletons like a factory class or something, but i tend not to use them for variables at all -> There are always an entry point in every application!

When i find me in a situation when i pass too much parameters to a method i just use a "context pattern" and wrap this parameters into its own class/struct and pass this instead.

Example: UpdateGame(GameState *state) against UpdateGame(RenderState *renderState, MemoryState *Memory, InputState *state, ...)


But i use statics for method declarations all the time, because static has more meanings that just "global". Static in c++ can mean also "internal" - like "can be used in this unit only.

The first thing i do in C to declare a macros like this and use this instead of static directly (filtering is much easier this way):


#define internal_method static

#define global_variable static

#define local_persist static


Statics are also bad in other scenarios, like for example:


- Statics in a Server application (Except from factory instances) are bad when the scope/thread switches (Reloading a dll or something can cause this!)

- Multithreading/Parallel computation can go very wild with statics even with proper locking mechanism (GC decides to dispose static or something - will not happen in C...)

- Compiler may do nasty optimizations on static variables which may cause unforeseen consequences now or in the future