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Александер Пищенко

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In Topic: Exoplanet: First Contact (3D Action/RPG)

18 June 2012 - 12:32 PM

So is it like you can strap bombs to bugs so that they'll blow other creatures up?

Exactly! This is one of our main features, player could use anvironment against anvironment.
We plan a lot interesting combinations, however it is undefined how many of them we could implement.
It fully depend on community, if people support us with pre-orders we will definetly make real environmental sandbox with lots of combinations.

Thanks! =)

Some way our projects has intersect point. Our game set in space colony, as your game =).

Haha you're right Posted Image

I also just looked at your video and it's a very cool setting.
How works the combat system, is it like Fallout 3 with a mix of realtime and VATS ?

Our combat system is in real time mode.
Also we will add some features with bullet time, to make action more contollable and dynamic!
You can see in our video, at the end of it, where camera flies around character - this is what we want player could do in real gameplay!