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#4926920 Any Framework Suggestions for programming Languages

Posted by vcjr12 on 31 March 2012 - 06:53 AM

I just recently joined (again) gamedev.net lost the password and email for my last account, I signed up on 2009 when i was about 10 or 11 and programming was something I always tried to do but din't understand that much(maybe it was my small brain Posted Image ) I came on and off in learning Until I actually bought c++ books and a SDL one too. But I never got to really learn anything out of them. But what I do like about me going early into learning programming is that I know most of the concept and syntax of the language, either way its been years and I forgoten But some of the knowledge still remains.

Then a year ago I got into c# I know the basics and how Object-Oriented Programming works, made it more far into learning then when i was younger but I took a break now about 1-2 months ago I got into Unity 3d, and its been great I'm now on a team working on this Pirate Ship vs Ship game and It's going good so far. But I feel like I want too advance more, not get stuck with simple programming in the Unity engine since most of the things are mostly there if you know what I mean. That it doents let you create from the beggining I understand this is a great thing if you want fast development, but I like taking the long way in things. So yesturday I gave it a try into XNA did this tutorial on making some textures apear on the screen and basic input making them move. I felt great because I dint see the old 3d views and stuff and I actually got more controll of what I was making even if it was more work which i don't care because I enjoy doing it. To get to the point , I want to know are their other c# frameworks to make games like XNA, I know they are for Python and other languages like Javascript etc... Since I don't wanna be stuck in the future with just developing games for only windows and the Xbox. or are their other languages out there with frameworks that make it a little easier to make a game engine. Again Hello again to the community , and hopefully that big text block din't kill ya. Posted Image