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#4929782 Opinion on World Chat?

Posted by on 09 April 2012 - 11:59 PM

Next time I'm making a thread I'll make sure to say I'm only interested in people with same opinion.

This is a discussion forum, discussions where everyone agrees with eachother aren't really discussions and don't really lead to anything, If you want a place to post your opinions without having them challenged i'd recommend getting a blog, disable comments and add a facebook "like" button

I disagree.
The discussions where everyone is already of the same major conclusion are the discussions that DO lead somewhere.
Because then we all can discuss how to improve the major conclusion with many minor conclusions.


Even if you're set on making a certain feature workable, opinions of why it doesn't work can help you to strengthen it.. You gotta start relying more on thinking and less on people agreeing with you.. I'd suggest going to your local library and picking up a book by Eward De Bono, I've heard they're really good at helping to develop thinking skills.. (The one I just started seems to be really helpful anyway)