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New to learning C++ too? Learn with us!

21 April 2012 - 08:04 PM

Hey guys hows it going, we're a group of newbie programmers that are learning how to program in c++ together and we'd like for anyone who wants to learn to please come check out our website. We do however, have a set of general rules and standards in this group which are enforced sternly.

Unknown Pseudo Studios is a diverse community for anyone interested in programming, right now we are PRIMARILY learning C++ and "may" in the future explore other languages.

We have a set of core values here at Unknown Pseudo Studios:

1. Respect - We will not tolerate disrespect/bullying of other members.

2. Honor - We WILL NOT tolerate any discriminatory remarks including Age, Race/Ethnicity, and Country. So please mind your words if you do decide to talk about any fragile topics.

3. Teamwork - This is a great tightknit community expecting productive posts, good communication, and resulting in efficient training of C++.

4. The most important thing to have - FUN!

We feel that although we all have our own individual projects/goals, it's also nice to have a community to come back to. If you are interested please check out our website here: http://unknownpseudo.enjin.com/

If you'd like to join us, please checkout this link: http://unknownpseudo...com/recruitment

P.S. You will have to register for this website if you do decide to join, it's completely free.

Thanks for reading this post!