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Journal Entries

A Keyboard and the Truth > 3/24 Crunch Crunch Crunch

Posted 24 March 2015

Hello guys, Brian here again. It has been a bit but man have we been busy. We are fast approaching our (hopeful) launch date of 4/15. This means it is crunch time. The to do list is thankfully getting shorter and things are coming together nicely. What we have is looking more and more like a game and less like a fancy tech demo http://public.gamedev5.net/...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Progress and Crunch Time 3/6

Posted 06 March 2015

Our Progress on Locations
Some good progress has been made since the last update. We have added 2 new locations and changed 3 locations from just a black room to make for a total of 5 new locations that are able to be explored. We have hooked up the East Woods and the Upper Halls as the 2 new locations, and added backgrounds, music, some NPC's and decor...

A Keyboard and the Truth > Long Overdue Update 2/13

Posted 13 February 2015


Hello to all of you long time fans of EDI, or maybe some of you newcomers. As Raymond may have mentioned previously he has had a new addition to the team and I would like to formally introduce myself. I am Brian_Matthys and I will be handling regular journal updates for the foreseeable future.

Experience and Stats

A lot has happened...