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#5007477 A General Question In Relation To Quests For Your Game

Posted by on 05 December 2012 - 12:53 PM

Hey there,

First off the bat I'd like to inform you that I'm a noob, I've been coding for less than 5 months so please don't bash me if this is an obvious question to be asking.

Anyways, I've been using the unity engine to practice coding, as I'm not bad at making models. I've been messing around and wanted to make some kind of quests in my little game. What I would like to make are basic pick up quests or kill quests, with a reward system.

For example, In my game i have health, enemy, attacks. So I'd like to maybe have an npc to give a quest like so:

Go kill 10 wolfs, rewards a rusty sword. And when you've killed 10 wolfs you get the reward. Or collect 10 apples, when you have them you get the reward.

I assume you'd need to make a storage database of some sorts to have this done, I've been trying to research this myself but I can't find anything remotely helpful. I'm hoping someone very kind with a heap of experience can point me in the right directions and hopefully give me some links to tutorials or something of that nature.

Anyways, thanks for taking time out to ready my query,