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Norman Barrows

Member Since 04 Apr 2012
Offline Last Active Feb 09 2015 05:56 PM

Journal Entries

Caveman > An example of a big change in Caveman

Posted 04 February 2015

An example of a big change to Caveman

I've been playtesting a lot recently.
Drawing objects in an avatar's hands in animations
is the next thing on the todo list - and that's just
eye candy. I'm into gameplay, not eye candy.
So I've been playtesting my long term playtest game,
making note of fixes to be made. I've gotten to the
point where I have 10 band...

Gamedev info > Beautiful code

Posted 26 January 2015

Beautiful code

[ i'm still working on this concept, so this is a very rough draft... ]

writing beautiful code.

sometimes you code, and it seems as straightforward as:
"all nearby units - protect/serve - wilshire and santa monica". (high fives all around - but no touching! <g>).

and sometimes you code, and its like "well, i know i'll need t...

Gamedev info > Generic pattern maps

Posted 26 January 2015

generic pattern maps

often times you need a pattern for something in a game.
for example: what texture tile to use with a given ground quad.

i used to create randomly generated pattern maps for different things:
plants, rocks, bushes, trees, ground quad textures, etc.

then it occurred to me that you could use a generic random pattern map,
and write fun...

Gamedev info > A design for an indexed render queue

Posted 26 January 2015

A design for an indexed render queue

drawing information is stored in a drawinfo struct. it could also be hashed into an int, etc.

the queue consists of an un-ordered list of drawinfo structs.

the queue is supplemented by a multi-dimensional indexing system that
allows processing of the queue in optimal draw order.

the index system consists of a lis...

SIMSpace 8.0 > SIMSpace 8.0 dev journal entry #1

Posted 26 January 2015

SIMSpace 8.0 dev journal entry #1

SIMSpace 8.0 dev journal entry #1

figuring out the basics.

this will be the 8th major version of the game that got me into game
development. In the past the game was a top 10 download on AOL,
with over 10,000 downloads the first week - and this was BEFORE
the internet existed! Its sold as many 250+ units per month,...