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Norman Barrows

Member Since 04 Apr 2012
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Journal Entries

Caveman > Progress report, August 28th, 2014

Posted 28 August 2014

Progress report, August 28th, 2014

Playtesting and tweaking continues. As they say "God is in the details!" Adjusting: collision radii, clip radii, research times and chances, gathering times and chances, etc. The Avian AI is still exhibiting odd behavior at times. Bandmember AI (AI that runs a PC when the human player is not controlling them) needs a...

Caveman > Progress Report - July 21st 2014

Posted 21 July 2014

Progress Report - July 21st 2014

Beta 9 has been posted to the website, with a new download page:


I could really use some feedback on the game, so please, check it out! Its just a 60 meg download, and should provide about one evening's worth of gameplay.

Beta 9 now includes such niceities as real setup and uninst...

Caveman > Caveman v3.0 progress report, April 20th 2014.

Posted 23 April 2014

Caveman 3.0 progress report April 20th 2014

Work on Caveman continues. Its down to high level features and polishing. Currently, the quest generator is under construction, with 14 types of quests implemented so far.

Also the Beta has begun.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



Caveman > The building of caveman part 4 - The Z game library

Posted 20 April 2014

The Building of Caveman - Part 4

Z3D - The low level generic game development library

So far i had a wrapper for the dx9 fixed function pipeline, and a
render queue and state manager desigend to feed data to the pipeline
in optimal order for fastest performance. The render queue allows
the game to make drawing callis in a more of less arbitrary order...

Caveman > The building of Caveman - Part 3 - getting a handle on directx...

Posted 02 April 2014

The building of Caveman - Part 3 - Getting a handle on directx

Getting up to speed:
So i was going to be using directx and visual studio c++. All fine and good,
but i hadn't written a line of code in something like six years! So, first
came console mode hello world. then came directx fullscren mode and clearscreen.
then came the usual beginning direct pr...