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Norman Barrows

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In Topic: Collada -> Unity with Animation

04 July 2015 - 07:35 AM

while researching blender to .x, i came across info on colllada to unity.  do a google, its out there.  don't have a link, since i'm using .x, not .DAE.


i did discover about a dozen idiosyncrasies getting blender to export.  


some probably apply to exporting to unity.


the issues are detailed in the comments of the skinned mesh code i recently posted to my gamedev info journal.


they include things like exporting multiple animations, etc.




i think the blender export info is at the end of part 2 - maybe part 3.


might provide a clue as to whats not set correctly for export.

In Topic: Why SRPG's are considered Niche?

04 July 2015 - 07:19 AM

When Dungeons and Dragons was first being tested it was a modified turn based wargame. That turns into the first mainstream dice RPG, and if you break D&D down it's really a turn based tactical RPG.
Unfortunately the strength of a pen and paper RPG is a live person who can interpret actions and turn them into rules. When you take that away a turn based tactical RPG becomes nothing more than an old school wargame, which we all agree is not a huge genre these days.


all quite true.


the original rule set for tabletop D&D was released in 1974. i started playing it in 1977. it was based on the chainmail miniatures combat rules. so it definitely has wargame roots in that respect.


and wargames (tabletop or computer/video) have always been niche. i know. i was president of the wargame club for two years in high school. wargamers make up a small percent (1% to 5% perhaps) of the general consumer base.

In Topic: Why SRPG's are considered Niche?

04 July 2015 - 07:05 AM

Oh, huh.  I have never actually come across that acronym before.


actually, me neither. i always heard xcom etc referred to as "turn based tactical shooters".

In Topic: Real-time RPG Framework design

02 July 2015 - 07:00 PM

and take the reusable parts forward to your next game.


those reusable parts  will be the beginnings of your "framework".


but you won't know exactly what those parts are until you start on the _second_ game.  When you start on the _second_ game, that's when you'll want to copy/paste the re-use-able stuff into a framework, which you can then use to build the second and subsequent titles.




In Topic: Why SRPG's are considered Niche?

02 July 2015 - 06:51 PM

I don't think tactical RPGs have ever had a really big mainstream hit. They've not had their Super Mario, or their Final Fantasy 7, or their Starcraft, or their Doom.



what about the x-com series? that's probably as big a mainstream hit as they'll get.



I don't think srpg and tactical rpg are actually the same thing.  Single-player RPGs aren't niche at all, they're probably the single most core computer game genre.


by srpg, i think OP meant simulation rpg, not single-player rpg.




assuming OP meant simulation / tactical rpg, here's my take on why they aren't that popular:


1. they were always a hard core niche type game.  nowadays there are a larger percentage of casual gamers than in the early days.  originally, only geeks had PCs, and games were made by and for hardcore geeks, and the hardest core gamers got into SRPGs.


2. many are turn based. PCs can do real time combat now, which makes turn based somewhat obsolete. sure, some folks may like turn based. But  some folks also prefer riding a horse to driving a car - but that doesn't make horses any less obsolete.


3. many are isometric 3rd person view god games. PCs can do 1st person and 3rd person perspective views now. again, this makes them somewhat obsolete.


4. large continuous open worlds with in depth combat and character development and massive optional story line based quests/missions are now possible. why settle for just in-depth combat and character development?