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Norman Barrows

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In Topic: Game Balancing Methods.

Yesterday, 07:29 AM

I wonder if there is any existing methodology to do it, except from playing the game for many hours.


All you have to do is test game balance at each level of progression through the game - whatever "level of progression " means for that game.


A formula based design for difficulty progression can work well.  Ideas like introduce one new type of opponent or terrain feature per level.  Or maybe that's imbalanced - too fast. So introduce a new one every other level.   Or x amount of total enemy hit points per level.   Of course this sort of requires a level based game to begin with,  but it can be applied to RPGs as well. Skyrim introduces high level magic items  spells, and opponents based on player level (IE experience level), as opposed to arcade/shooter level (IE dungeon level).  

In Topic: Help me out with these new video games

Yesterday, 07:07 AM

The games industry actually went though a period know as the "Sillywood" era in the mid 90's when Hollywood tried to cash in on the growing games market. This was probably about the same time that games passed film as an entertainment industry, based on annual sales.  Interactive movies were quite common then.   In the end folks discovered that there are two basic types of entertainment: passive (books, films, plays, etc), and interactive (games).  And when you're in the mood for one, you're not really in the mood for too much of the other, so they don't tend to mix well in large portions.  So interactive movies, point and click adventures, and such tend to be niche market products.

In Topic: Looking for a good character design program

Yesterday, 06:53 AM

Creating characters for games is a multi-disciplinary activity.


The designer invents the character - who they are, what they will be like, general appearance, that kind of stuff.


Artists give it a visual form.


Writers give it dialog, and a style of talking.


voice actors give it a voice, tone, and emotions.


and animators breath moving life into your still art.


For what you're talking about, design brain storming and "concept art" (hand drawn pencil sketches) are the typical tools.

In Topic: Malicious looking ad

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

I've been getting it too. and no, you don't click anything, its an auto-redirect of some sort.


I'll be typing in a response and all a sudden BAM!    "Warning!...."


Sometimes 3 or 4 times during a single reply.


Sometimes i have to close the tab and start over.


I'm not sure its gamedev related, it might just be some adware.

In Topic: Direct X Setup Stuck at Initializing, need help!

Yesterday, 06:29 AM

Sounds like they are installing dx9 games on a win8 box.


apparently win8 and win10 boxes require the DX end user runtime





it seems win8 and win10 boxes come with parts of win 10,11,or 12, but not the runtimes for dx9 and earlier.  before dx10, if you installed dx, you got compatibility all the way back to dx1 automatically (supposedly).   win8 with dx10 apparently only has dx10, not 9 or earlier as well.  and win10 with dx11 apparently only has dx11 and maybe dx10 compatibility. to get full backward compatibility as in previous versions of dx, you have to install the runtime.


So every time you install a dx9 game it tries to install the DX9 runtimes  (if included) and seems to get confused (according to OP).


You might try installing the runtime, which may keep dx9 games from thinking you don't have dx9 installed.