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Stationary FPS/Dungeon Crawler Programming Burden

25 September 2013 - 10:12 AM

Found you programming literate types insanely helpful with the last question I had about, you know, programming, so I figured I'd seek out your assistance again.


My intent is to take the entertainment and experience of a game like Fallout and provide it on a much smaller, and obviously cheaper, scale.  Consequently I'm aiming to have as little of a programming burden as possible so as to keep the team small and production fast.  The aim is to be able to produce the game with only myself and a programmer, as sound will be restricted to effects and I am capable of both writing and art.  As follows are the major elements of the game:


-stationary background: camera may move a little but not much.  Enter and leave rooms by clicking on the exit.  If enemies present battle begins and continues until all enemies are dead, cannot solve puzzles while fighting.

-stationary enemies: stand still (possibly varying levels of cover), muzzle flash (or similar graphic) indicates attacks, each enemy attacks with a set pattern.

-field stat checks: exploration/puzzle solving, so not utilized during combat.  Very basic (example: strenght stat to move an obstruction, intelligence to fix a machine, etc.,  no more than basic math, and there won't be many stats, though I may combine different stats on certain checks)

-information checks: your character only knows what has been told or what he/she understands.  This includes your mini-map, which will only be unlocked (and not necessarily all of it) if you gather the information in town.  This also overlaps with stat checks in general as your character will not be able to identify the short-cut allowing devices if incapable of recognizing them to begin with.

-combat stats: what I'm most concerned with as I don't know how much the math will burden the system.  My initial idea was to keep enemies as static as possible, no % chance of hitting, just damage per second applied to the player while the enemy is still alive, possibly mitigated by an endurance stat.  I do want some sort of gun skill to affect the player's ability to handle the gun (reload time, sway while aiming, etc) but am willing to simplify or drop these if it requires too much calculation.


You gather information/supplies in town, leave for the dungeon by clicking on the exit which brings you to the dungeon (no travel).  Click to enter the dungeon, clear the room if enemies present, then have to find your way through the different options that will be made available and attempt to find the big prize, with most rooms containing either enemies, some element/piece of a puzzle, or both. 


So I have three questions:


1) what's the general plausibility of this game being completed with a small team in under 6 months (at least a first level to kick it off)?

2) what level experience of a programmer should I be looking for? 

3) if these don't cut enough programming to be possible as stated above, any advice on how to alter them so as to cut the burden?


Any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated.

Communicating with Programmers

03 October 2012 - 12:15 PM

I'm solely creative. Art, writing, design, but little to no programming knowledge although I am computer literate (solely from using them). While I don't intend to begin programming, probably ever, I nevertheless do want to be able to communicate with any programmers I may be working with as well as create/design in a manner that facilitates their work (or if nothing else doesn't aggravate it).

Is there a preferable language for this goal, or is this goal achievable through knowledge of programming jargon alone? I guess the best way to ask is: has there ever been something you wished a creative member of your team knew, be it a language, program, whatever, that may have facilitated development or at least communication?

Thanks beforehand for any time or assistance.

Unique vs Challenging

24 August 2012 - 01:10 PM

I was wondering what everyone's opinion was regarding the importance of a challenging game compared to a unique one.

No matter your preferred game type, if forced to choose would you rather the next game you play be ground breaking/unique yet easy or challenging yet hackneyed?
(including the game category you're referring to would be nice as well, for the sake of reference)

Programming Burden for FFT or Tactics Ogre Game

03 July 2012 - 02:31 PM

I've been designing a number of revisions/improvements to turn based, chessboard RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. My question is what kind of programming labor would be required to either alter/revise specifics of such an existing game or create a new one? It would be a smaller scale with fewer classes/maps, moreso a demonstration of concept than a full blown game.

Hope I'm not being to vague here; can specify if needed, but am an artist/designer, not a programmer. Either way thanks beforehand for any help provided.