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SDL help with my program

16 April 2012 - 05:05 PM

Hi, if anyone can find a solution to my problem will be great.
i am using codeblocks 10.05 SDL_image-1.2.12 SDL_ttf-2.0.11 SDL-1.2.14-win32
i am writing a program from scratch and i am a beginner if you want. two main problem affictl my program no compiling error or so ever but perhaphs limitation of code language probably?

1-my program as a login screen that i manage to make it work fantastic for me, but once i arrive the login succesfull i want to have the rid of everything except the screen in order to proceed with the loading of the real game, but this is no possible if i insert a sdl_freesurface or a clean up function the program seem to crash. (segmentation relative to the flipping of the screen for the real game i use different images so it is not a problem of sharing the same image...)

2-i started my game creating a map yes this will be a 2d tile game based, now what i would like to do it is grabbing the map with mouseevent button down and realise it when i relise the left button; and using mousemovement to calculate the offset while the left button it is pressed. probably sdl do not let you to use the two event togheter?

2b if i use only mouse move the map actualy moves but still the screen doesn't update and you can see the drag.

thanks if somebody reply