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Topics I've Started

Olypsum - a Free 3D Cross Platform Game Engine

29 July 2014 - 09:30 AM



as some of you might already know I've been developing a game engine for the last two years.

Today I decided to open the beta phase so that the world could take a look and give me some advise and tips.



  • Mac OS 10.8+
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Windows 7+
Programming language: C++ 11
Languages: English, German
Licence: WIP, but I plan to write a free to use (also for commercial use) closed source license
Using libraries:
  • Bullet Physics 2.91
  • WebKit JSC for scripting in JS / ECMA-Script
  • OpenGL 3.2
  • OpenAL and Vorbis / Ogg
  • SDL2
  • Images / Textures: Png, Jpeg, WebP
  • Audio: Ogg
  • 3D-Models: Collada (.dae)
  • Terrain: float array or image as heightmap
  • Objects and scene: Xml
  • Deferred lighting
  • Dynamic shadows and reflections: Mirrors and water
  • Glass refraction
  • Material mapping
  • Bump-, normal- and parallax occlusion mapping
  • Animation of terrain, particles, textures and skeletons is possible
  • Full user interactive physics and scriptable world
Post effect shaders:
  • Edge smooth / antialiasing
  • Depth of field / fog
  • Screen space ambient occlusion

WIP documentation: On Github



All comments are welcome!

netLink a c++11 networking library

29 December 2013 - 02:44 PM



I'm developing my own game engine for some time now and wanted to add multiplayer/network support.

Therefore I was looking around the web for a c++ (11) library which suites my needs for a game engine and not for a browser.

I wanted a lightweight library without the big overhead of HTTP, XML/DOM-parser or even Boost.

But such a thing didn't seem to exist, so I decided to write my own one:


netLink which can be found under zlib licence on Github.

It supports IPv4/IPv6 UDP/TCP sockets, a manager to handle multiple connections and MsgPack, which is a JSON like binary format.

I can now transmit small packets (like position updates or chat messages) over those sockets using the MsgPack encoding.


My questions:

Do you have a use case for such a library and were you looking for something like this too?

Is there something important missing (except the windows support) ?

Or do you have good experiences with other libraries and when yes, which ones and why?

NURBS vs Rational Bezier Patches

02 June 2013 - 12:05 PM

Hi, I'm currently working on a raytracing rendering engine for a research project. Since raytracing doesn't need triangle meshes I thought about using curves like NURBS or rational bezier patches. My question is: What do you think is better suiting for this purpose?


I have only worked with bezier curves before and just read a few papers and wiki articles about NURBS. Therefore I have some other questions about them:


1. Is there anything only a NURBS can form and a set of rational bezier patches can not?

I read some thing like: It is possible to convert a NURBS into a set of rational bezier patches and vice versa too, but I'm not sure about it.


2. What exactly is the knot vector of a NURBS and what is it needed for?

A set of rational bezier patches just needs the control points and their weights and a NURBS needs control points, weights and the knot vector. Isn't that redundant data?


3. Are calculations (finding a point, derivative or normal) of a NURBS more time expensive or complex than the ones of bezier patches?


4. NURBS seem to end before actually reaching the first / last control point, bezier curves reach the first and last control point in every case. That is a bit confusing but seems to be natural. Any explanation here?