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#4940081 Where do i start :(

Posted by on 14 May 2012 - 08:19 AM

MirageUY -

Start where I did - I was about your age - though home computers were just entering the marketplace. Be observant, and look for little tasks to do. Go to your local bookstore for a few hours, and read up on the languages out there, the techniques, etc. Start by writing simple console-type applications that perform simple utility functions - maybe parse through a file and plot the number of times words appear in the file, or something where you build a catalog-type system that integrates a simple MySQL DB. Maybe look at your favorite utility that you use, and try to mimic it (or make it better.) The task isn't that important as just getting experience under your belt with a language or two and learn the steps towards problem solving using that language.

I would not jump all in and try complicated things in the start; your main goal should be to get comfortable with the language, and getting your mind trained to look at a problem and have some ideas on how to get to the solution. When you have confidence in the simple tasks, you can venture into the more complex.

Hope that helps a little.