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Isometric question

03 May 2012 - 12:51 PM

How to determine witch tile does the mouse point/click onto. I mean is there some calculation? Do i look only at one part of the tile or what.
Here is the type of isometric representaion that i use:

Attached File  Isometric.png   277.39KB   55 downloads

Do i look only at the upper part of the cube or the lower or what? If so what is the calculation since it is not a rectangle?

Simplest/Most complicated Rpg game engine design?

19 April 2012 - 11:57 AM

Hit there i am fairly new in game development. Only made some small 2d space shooter. However me and my friends decided to make a simple 2d rpg style game engine/game written in Java.

First of all we decided it will be Tile based (without animation at least for now) and we plan on making it isometric in the future since it is just a matter of output.

We wanted it to be simple but powerful. So i got an idea and it goes something like this.

We make a game engine that doesn't have a lot of gameplay coded. It has understanding of what and item is it has an inventory but not the actual items.
It is divided in packages:

1: Central_command

2: Graphics

3: Input/output

4: Memory menagment


The idea is to have a lot of classes in central command. With in a way has access to everything witch usually means the memory. A map will simply be a txt file that has a roguelike based ascii map and a script for all object's on it if any. For example Wall is hardcoded but a potion of health is not.

The scripting system wont be complex. It only has to be able to store variables, use if, else, while statements and most importantly to communicate with central command.

This is the idea.

Have and object that represents the loaded script. place that object inside and Item class. class Item has a use/passive method.
A health potion will be an item with a corresponding image and script that will be invoked when the use() method is called.
The actual script will be something like this:
" player = Command.getCurrentPlayer(); player.setHealth(player.getHealth() + 20); "

I know that adding scripting ability to your engine is probably the hardest task. But it really simplifies other aspects of your engine. Because it is not needed to code all the stuff right in.

Is this the way to go or not?
How hard is it really? The interpreter sounds like its BIG but not complex. (remember this is a very SIMPLE scripting language)
Is this idea any good or should we stick with hardcoding everything?

PS I am sorry if this is too technical and should be put in game programming section. But it is a DESIGN question in a way.
Also here is a link of what we done so far (we just started so we used an existing open source tileset)
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2D Game engine question?

19 April 2012 - 06:45 AM

Hi there.
This is my first time on this site so i am sorry if i am a bit lost. Me and my friends decided on making a 2d tile based game in java. We also decided on making it from scratch (no external library). I started making the engine and made some simple stuff like layers, some solid some for items... and a simple inventory. The idea is to be able to read from a simple ascii art in a text file and make maps. At least in this early phase of development. It was inspired on NetHack so we are currently using some of nethack tiles as a placeholder until we make art of our own. However we plan on making the game isometric in the future. Is the transition easy? Will we need some external 3d library or not? I've read that isometric is not that diffrent from simple 2d so the transition should not affect the gameplay right? We want to make our own stuff from scratch in order to get proper experience. Thank you in advance and sorry for english i am not a native speaker.

PS - I am attaching a a simple screenshot that might give you an idea of what i am talking about.
Attached File  Engine Development.bmp   3MB   237 downloads