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SDL selection based on color

22 April 2012 - 07:28 AM

Hello GameDever!

I am trying to create a game, in which you play a country with a number of provinces, but for this game to work, I need to have a way to select these provinces. I thought of making every province easy to identify by using unique colors (from a devers point of view), but of course, I do only want to use these colors internally, and they shouldn't be rendered.

I thought of checking the pixel you are currently clicking on, and looking for the province with the color of the pixel in a table, containing pointers to all of the provinces. This seems fairly straight forward, but how do I get the unique color of the province, when I am rendering it with a different color?

This problem will be easier to understand for people who have played some of Paradox Interactives games before, because they also use a similar layout (I think).

Also, I will be using SDL for this.