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In Topic: System Administration in gaming

24 April 2012 - 08:43 AM

Cheers for replying!

I guess due to the single reply no one has any experience in that area, maybe the admins keep out of the spotlight! I checked out the GDC 2012 page but there's no presentations up yet. I guess MMOs are the big players, hopefully in the coming years more people will realise the importance of the infrastructure behind these games. Maybe magazines and sites will eventually start poking their heads in to those areas and we'll see more information coming out. Oh well I'll keep researching this topic myself and see if anything comes out of it.

Thanks again.

I don't know of any specific resources, but there are definitely plenty of people doing infrastructure work in games. Even a mid-size studio will need a dedicated IT staff to help build the internal networks and such, for example. There was an IT-specific summit at GDC 2012 as well, which is a pretty good indicator of how widespread the demand is.

One place where infrastructure really gets hammered on a lot is in the MMO space. There's plenty of demand for good sysadmins in that realm, in my experience.