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Constant buffer or not?

23 February 2015 - 02:33 AM

I am developing a simple 2D spriting engine. I was wondering if it would be a better idea to include matrix modelviewproj transformation data within the vertices themselves (will add an additional parameter to the vertex layout from CPU to GPU vertex shader) or simply use a constant buffer and change that constant buffer for each sprite.


From learning about Direct3D11 I find that you should try to minimze the calls to the GPU. If this is the case wouldn't packing the matrix data for each frame within the vertices themselves be a better idea? or would the extra bandwidth (matrix's cost alot of memory) for the extra parameter be too expensive?

Direct3D11 without a Depth/Stencil (back)buffer

29 January 2015 - 06:59 AM

I was wondering if a depth/stencil buffer is required for Direct3D11 to function correctly - it seems pretty integrated into the pipeline. I will be developing a personal 2D game engine soon and I really have no use for a depth/stencil buffer. I will be using the painters algorithm and multiple render targets to draw everything well enough.


I made a quick test and noticed Direct3D11 seems to run alright without a depth/stencil buffer. Other than not setting up a depth-stencil Texture2D, DepthStencilView and specificing null when assigning rendertargets to the swap chain is there anything else I should inform the state machine about?




Modding API

13 August 2013 - 08:46 AM

I am developing a 2D sidescroller similar to terraria and starbound, after 3 months I have written my own hard coded "engine" for the game that features lighting, tile management, world management, entity management, networking, input, user interface management, rendering, and some others...


My question is how would a modding API be developed, I have a feeling I am too far down the track for such an easy implementation. I am using C# 5.0 (.net 4.5) with MonoGame. This is also the first time of me having a shot at developing a real game, I still would consider myself "newbie".

Since its C# I am leaning towards reflection and importing local libraries, this seems like it would be a security issue however. I do not have much experience with reflection but I am sure I could easily pick it up.


Some technical aspects of that game are:
1. The game is completely server-based, hence at the moment there is no singleplayer mode since start of development has been for multiplayer.
2. Uses TCP for networking.

3. The client and server will be obfuscated, eliminating easy .net decompiled modding.

4. Some part of the game can already be modded only server-side to see client-side effects (even though the client executable was not touched).

5. The server has all authority.


Servers and Encryption

19 April 2013 - 08:58 PM

Ive not asked a question here for a while, but anyway.


My game will have server based multiplayer, players connect to the server, create a account and then play the game with that account on the server.


The account data is saved server side (1 file per account in a directory - since I want to allow server owners to transfer accounts to other servers by basically copying the file). Only the password of the account is encrypted in that file.


The server software will be available to anyone for free and I wanted idea's on how I could deal with malicious server owners who want try decrypt the passwords? Obviously the encryption key for each server out there would need to be the same so that the passing of account files between servers is compatible.


My concern is that I am working with C#, meaning the server assembly could be easily decompiled and the encryption key is easily obtained.

TLDR: Ideas on approaching server owners who want to decrypt player's accounts passwords for malicious activities?


I already know how do implement 128-bit AES encryption, but it seems useless if the key can be found


All replies are appriciated, thanks.

edit: I'm not concerned about server owners hacking their way into a game account, but rather logging into other websites in which the user may have the same password and/or username.

Goodbye Start button?

24 March 2013 - 05:29 AM

I heard somewhere that windows 9/blue wont have the start button either. I personally see this as a disappointment, the start screen is designed for touch screens not desktops.

Thoughts? Do you think this is a disappointment?


I don't want to sound stubborn, but I think I'm going to stay with Win7 for as long as a possibly can until new games and applications clease to function unless Microsoft makes non-awkward desktop OS before that happens.