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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

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Finished my first C++ book, where to go from here?

05 April 2013 - 02:42 AM

Just finished my first book (beginning c++ through game programming), and I was able to make games like Zork and a blackjack game (which is the last program in the book), but I know nothing about making any sort of graphics/interface, so I was just wondering.


I was going to get Game Coding Complete, but it seems like it uses C# and LUA codes, and I'm trying to stick to C++, but if it's the right book for me now, I'll get it. So can someone give me an advice about that? What should I do next?

What's the best C#(XNA) book/site

19 May 2012 - 03:59 AM

I just know a bit of Python and Java (but not game programming), I'm preferring to start game programming using C# to be able to use the XNA.. So I had a few questions..

1. What's the best book/site for first-users?
2. (dumb question) Can C# be used to develop iOS/android games?

EDIT: thinking about this


but will wait for suggestions if any...

Career outside my country

06 May 2012 - 12:36 PM

Hey guys, I'm a 21 years old computer science student, who happen to live in Egypt, and as much as I can find, computer scientists are not common in my country, we are 4 in class, none interested in game developing, our uni don't really have courses for game developing, and we don't have a single game-developing company...

Long story short, I can't really begin my career in my country, so my question is, can I somehow get a contract from a company abroad and be able to work there if I developed some good small games (if that's a correct term) for the next years? or should I start thinking about developing games as a lone wolf?

And just one last question, can money from... small games earn me good money to look into it as a career, or I'm better just going to a company as a web developer or something and forget about the game developing..

Manager/Simulation Games Requirements

27 April 2012 - 05:27 AM

I'm just a programming newbie, probably know bits of some languages, and I really want to start making a Manager Simulation game, I dunno if that's clear enough, I want to make a game like Football Manager or maybe Tropico, and I had a few questions, being still a newbie, but willing to learn any language..

1) Can these games be developed by a lone wolf? or I have to make a team of programmers?
2) What's the best language that'll won't make my life complicated making those games?
3) Any good guides to how to program them?