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In Topic: thread closure probably not the best action

Yesterday, 06:00 PM

My personal opinion (ie not official moderation policy) is that political threads are allowed to remain active completely at the discretion and pleasure of the moderators, and that no one has any right to complain when they're closed down. That said -



wouldn't it have been better to warn or eject those involved since the majority of contributors in the thread were well behaved?

I don't know what thread YOU were reading, but the thread I was reading was garbage. "Well behaved"? I prefer "not technically against the rules". Besides, even if the discussion was still active, nobody in there has said anything vaguely intelligent in some time, it's just been childish sniping back and forth.

In Topic: Amd openGL driver crashes

28 September 2016 - 08:43 PM

Start by enabling GL debug messages: https://www.opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/debug_output.txt

See if you get any useful information leading up to the crash. 

In Topic: What a game programmer should know about GPUs

28 September 2016 - 08:36 PM





See you next year!


But seriously, most of the paper specs for GPUs are useless except in a relative sense within a particular generation. They give you no useful information about how a given chip or card will actually perform. If you want to understand the terms a bit better, read AnandTech reviews and breakdowns of GPUs, especially when they talk about an all new generation. They go in considerable depth about what's up.


In Topic: Is OpenCL slowly dying?

25 September 2016 - 12:54 PM

Games have also downplayed compute because there's not really any spare GPU cycles on gamers' machines. Graphics uses every bit of GPU power, the integrated GPUs are usually disabled automatically when the discrete GPU is running on all but the newest chipsets, and using the integrated GPU will limit the CPU speed (thermal envelope constraints).


I don't think that's true at all. Many games and engines now are leaning heavily on compute, both as part of the graphics pipeline itself and for physics. A lot of the destruction physics stuff gets off-loaded to GPU nowadays. And the Battlefield/Frostbite slides lay out a very effective vision for how compute can be very beneficial to a graphics pipeline.

In Topic: Is OpenCL slowly dying?

24 September 2016 - 09:01 PM

I'm curious what leads you to believe that support for OpenCL is waning. From what I can figure, most graphics developers didn't care for CL much due to clumsy interop with GL, which is why compute was added directly to GL core in 4.5. It's much more useful to game/graphics developers in that format than CL is, and CL has moved to more scientific computing type uses. I don't think Vulkan plays in at all.