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In Topic: So, I want to become a game devolper...

Yesterday, 05:40 PM

I like C# a lot, you can grab Visual Studio community and immediately start building apps that run on Android, iOS, and Windows (phone/desktop/Xbox). Really can't ask for much more.

Unity3D is a solid choice for games, but it won't get you much in terms of building non-game applications.

In Topic: I'm Trying To Understand Tessendorf's Paper

17 August 2016 - 08:24 PM

Do people really not know Tessendorf here, of all places? Jeez, I'm disappointed.


I'd help but I got our Tessendorf code from someone else and never really had to dig into the details of the math.

In Topic: Motion sickness

16 August 2016 - 12:29 AM


IME anything that moves your viewpoint tends to be more sickening - ... Dirt Rally is the worst

 Wow, really? In 1st person or 3rd person mode? I've been playing heaps of Dirty Rally with an Oculus CV1 and Logitech G27, and I've found it really comfortable, playing an hour at a time!
Lucky's tale on the other hand... having the motion completely out of your control and no cockpit to ground you - that is not a good idea...


1st person, and it says "Intense" under the Oculus comfort rating so it's not as they didn't know. The cockpit in Dirt shakes and rotates with the suspension while your viewpoint rotation stays still relative to the world, which is ... an interesting effect. You also end up clipping through the geometry if you shift slightly the wrong direction. It is a race car, after all. But in both Lucky's Tale and Dirt Rally, everyone in the office felt that clipping geometry was the most unpleasant effect of all. One taller person decided to adjust the viewpoint so that he was on the roof of the car, instead of dealing with the confusion of the cockpit.


Before the Oculus arrived, I was very excited to play Dirt Rally in it. I've got the wheel and pedals and it seemed like the perfect addition, rather than the racing seat thing. After trying it... I haven't felt like going back in. 

In Topic: Motion sickness

15 August 2016 - 11:38 PM

Definitely depends on which headset and game. IME anything that moves your viewpoint tends to be more sickening - Lucky's Tale is somewhat bad about this but Dirt Rally is the worst. Vive and The Lab use the teleport system and that has a very, very low sickness level.

In Topic: Initialize your goddamn variables, kiddies

15 August 2016 - 08:43 PM

We always initialized locals pretty aggressively, choosing correctness over performance. Class members, though. Hooooly shit those were the bane of our existence for years. In later C++ versions, the ability to initialize class members in the header has single handedly changed our entire development experience.