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Topics I've Started

Textures in javascript Canvas

21 March 2013 - 06:24 AM

Morning All,


I've written a working game and I'm pretty pleased with the physics and the look in general, but I'd love to make the ground look sandy or grassy. The texture needs to move around in a realisitic way when the viewpoint moves so I can't just load a picture of some sand. Are there any plausible ways to achieve this with the canvas in javascript? Google has not enlightened me!


Use the arrow keys to roll the ball around and chase the rubies:



Javascript 3d project

03 March 2013 - 05:15 PM

Evening All,


As a challenge I took the step to 3d and came up with a simple game, steer round the screen (arrows,x,z) and bash into the crystals:




I think it looks rather nice, hit all ten crystals and get your best time. If you want, please use, adapt and impove; but keep me informed.  It's called marbles because I lost them in the 3d geometry. Is this a UK only phrase?!?




contact: accounts(at)moonsch.com

No Actual Game

12 February 2013 - 01:09 PM

Evening All,


I think I've found my groove for now with the sort of things I want to make - little practice projects that demonstrate some physics and/or demonstrate a numerical technique.  Also amusing my children for a few minutes is important.


Anyway my latest thing has physics (gravity) and implements a variable sized grid to show the gravitional potential (and looks quite pretty I think).  Trouble is there's no actual gameplay, you just click on the grid and add a planet.


Any ideas?  It is Javascript and you need FireFox or IE9+ because it uses the Canvas object.


Go to http://www.moonsch.com and go to the Games Links, it's at the bottom called Planets, Pot Noodle.

Has Anyone Completed a Playable Game Having Started out from Scratch by Downloading Uni...

23 May 2012 - 02:33 PM

Evening All,

There are quite a few posts on here from people (generally asking advice about some element of programming or other) who seem to hope to develop a massive project, sometimes through the use of some third party engine (Unity or similar). Does anyone ever go from that level to success? By success I don't mean commercial success, I mean something that I can download, install, have a game and enjoy.

If anyone has achieved this, then please post your journey and what lesson were learnt.

My personal view follows: I am taking advice from the sceptics, I am starting small and have created simple games. In my case, the sceptics were wise, it was hard enough working out if the ball has hit the bat in my latest effort!

For the curious; if you want to take a look, download BatBall:



W - up
X - down
A - anticlockwise
D - clockwise

I'm going to take a break from the compiler for a bit but for the next project I am thinking about some kind of puzzle game with gear wheels that you pin onto a board to get some output shaft(s) going in the right direction - there might be some interesting graphics and UI challenges to get it playable.

Hexwar Project. Contribute. Criticise

26 April 2012 - 02:12 PM

Evening All.

About me: I am a database professional and have worked in the IT (accounts not games!) industry for an embarrassingly long time before downloading a free IDE, going to the File menu and selecting 'New Project...'.

I've written a strategy hexgrid game and would like to invite you to take a look. It is inspired by playing a (free) game called Wesnoth. Wesnoth is great; the artwork and music are fantastic, but I found some aspects of the gameplay frustrating so have tried to write my own.

Turn-based board games sometimes hinge on whose turn it happens to be at a crucial moment. This can be annoying so I have tried to use a 'simultaneous move' model. Also, I agree with CS Lewis about the 'f***ing elves' and think more imagination is needed in providing the environment for games.

I am pleased to have written something from scratch that is playable and want to take the idea further. Get involved if you want. I have been browsing gamedev.net for a while and it seems a friendly international place to form a dialogue.

It is free here, called Hexwar:


Please read the README.doc in the downloaded ZIP.

It's Windows C# and SQL Server (these are what I have to hand). You'll need DirectX to get it to work. All this should be downloadable for free.

Please bring any problems to my attention here. Bear in mind that I have very little experience in developing graphical applications and am a one-man-band, so be kind.