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I have an idea, and that's about it. Please help

27 April 2012 - 12:24 AM

Over the past couple weeks I've been kicking around in my head an idea that I personally think can make a great game. I don't have any programming skills, nor do I have the time to learn them, but I'm stubborn and I want to make this thing a reality. Without going into too much detail it would be a shooter, 1st or 3rd hasn't been decided yet. It wouldn't really be open world, but would be open ended. Think along the lines of the original X-Com. It would be class based and it would center around co-op play. And finally, I know they're getting used a bit too much in pop culture right now, but it would be a zombie game. Let me know if anyone is able and interested in helping, and we can go over more of the details.