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In Topic: how to make a form that you can save status and continue later

08 July 2014 - 06:32 PM

Also the Browser typically is set to remember this kind of stuff. AutoFill it's called.

The server can onyl know who you are based on Session/Cookie/IP


typically Cookies though. Those are handled on the Server Side mostly, though some Javascript libraries let you store non-permanent cookies

In Topic: Is story important in games?

17 February 2014 - 03:14 PM

Im just gonna leave this here... 


Gameplay is top priority, way over story. I don't care how awesome your story is, if I'm not having any fun playing the game as a game player, I couldn't care less about how the story resolves. 

In Topic: What's in a language that makes you like it

17 February 2014 - 03:06 PM

To me, Flexibility in a languages approach are the most fun. I wrote a lot of PHP in my profession, and what I like about it is there is always something new about the language to discover. Whether it's a complete paradigm shift or just a minute change that rocks your world, PHP is the reeses peanut butter cup of programming languages: there's no 'wrong way'. 


I don't like something that in of itself IS the framework, I want to write in a language that can CREATE frameworks. Getting close to the metal is a thrill.



But ultimately I just like something thats clean and makes sense to read. Growing up I've gotten very used to ECMA Syntax through Javascript and Actionscript2; Java syntax and style through Java, Actionscript 3, and C#; and C like syntax through .. well C and C++ and the tones of C style scripting languages out there.


Python hasn't been very good at making me look at it and think "man that's beautiful I should use that" even though that's it's primary goal. Ruby as well just doesn't make a lot of sense to me on the surface. But that style of language just isn't MY style is all heh

In Topic: I once started a game...

17 January 2014 - 03:17 PM

This kind of thing happens all the time. 

Some people are even entirely conscious of their products "humble beginnings". Bungie (the guys behind Halo) made a little game for mac called "Gnop". Take a wild guess as to what that was. 


Ill give you a hint


Go ahead and make your game, there's no shame in releasing it. The only thing you shouldn't do is make it look and work exactly the same as a commercially copy-written product, so even just swapping some graphics around should get you mostly in the clear. Just to be sure though, find at least one thing to innovate (again, I know easier said than done) to completely set your game apart, and your very much good to go again 



Good luck!

In Topic: What kind of game should I make first?

17 January 2014 - 10:46 AM

I actually came back to apologize for my message, I wasn't in a great place of mind last night so Im extremely sorry if I was a little harsh and or irrational. I, oddly, took it as a personal attack for some reason. 



CoreLactose, I totally understand that's what he was trying to get at for sure, and I do agree. I come from a school of hard knox (so to speak) where I've only had Self-Taught and On-The-Job experience, and for me and my colleagues we were taught this way. It is pretty Boom Boom Boom, but in retrospective it didn't hurt at all. 

I remember one of the first XNA tutorials I read, outside of getting the blue background, was how to make a Shmup. One of the courses at my college taught Flash Engineering and they were firstly taught how to make a Shmup before anything else. Some went on right to 3D afterwords and did fantastic (converting their Shmup to 3D for example) some went on to Zelda clones and sidescrollers, others decided that programming just aint for them and moved on (happily) to other disciplines lol



Tutorial Doctor, actually thats an interesting thing that your post made me remember, that even though my schools didn't necessarily teach Game Design due to budget cuts, one thing that was brought up to aspiring game designers that wanted to make the next world of warcraft (it was around that time.. jeez that game is old...) they were told to stop thinking about designing computer games, and instead come up with a board game that was primarily fun. Those who "got it", got it, and were able to move on, those who snuffed off the concept and still continued to believe game design is just a collection of words and wishes, well lets just say they didn't last long haha