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In Topic: Game Industry Questions

03 May 2012 - 07:45 PM

I definitely won't stop assisting on the forums any time soon, I really enjoy it and if I could end up making a career out of it that would be amazing. I have applied to become a moderator a short time ago but have only been on there for about 8 months and the other moderators have all been playing together for over 18 months are pretty keen on keeping people they know well in the staff positions. But I will keep it up :)

And I had considered doing some level creation and mods but I guess I just thought I might not have the skills, but if it requires little programming skill and more plain old creativity I will most certainly have a go.

Thanks very much for all this input, always impressed with how helpful online communities can be :)

In Topic: Game Industry Questions

03 May 2012 - 02:26 AM

Perhaps you can participate in the design if you join a small 10-20 man team?

I would most certainly be interested in getting into some small teams. My only issues are not really knowing where to start as far as finding people looking for help (I did notice that there is a section on this site, which is why my second point is far more prominent) and what can I tell these people I have to offer. I have a limited knowledge of C++ ( I understand syntax and can write very basic programs and have dabbled with image manipulation using maths functions etc.) and am interested in learning more.

At the risk of sounding lazy, I would prefer to get into a small team doing something like you mentioned that appreciates that I have far more enthusiasm than I have experience. If a team would welcome someone who can help with basic coding and help significantly with developing the experience of the game in general then I am there no questions asked.

Ashaman73 thank you very much for the input, as you said community relations or something like that would also be something I would very much enjoy. As far as a degree and the like, I guess I am afraid of putting in time studying towards something unnecessarily. On top of that I really don't have a lot of money and this is one of the reasons I am looking into getting into the industry and working my way up with experience. But I realise later on a degree is pretty much unavoidable.

Again thank you both for the advice, this is the exact sort of info I need for my swirling head :P