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Game Industry Questions

03 May 2012 - 12:45 AM

As always when posting for the first time on a forum, I will apologize in advance if this post would have been more appropriately placed elsewhere.

I am looking to get some advice from anyone willing to offer it in regard to breaking into the games industry from the ground level.

When I originally left school I applied for a position at University in Games Design and was accepted but later decided it wasn't really what I specifically wanted to do. I have done a fair bit of research and it is extremely obvious that there are far more people waving game ideas around in the air than there are people looking for new ideas to publish and that simply having game ideas is worthless.

I will admit that I originally (naively) had grand ideas of being some sort of adviser to game designers, giving heavy input into characters, items, abilities and world in general. I came across the title 'content adviser' somewhere in my web crawling and have clung to it as a description of what I dream of doing.

I DO however see, from reading various articles and the like, that an ideas person is virtually useless in a game company. Everyone in the company is basically an ideas person. I accept that quite readily as it makes a lot of sense. I guess I am wondering now where that leaves me. I am half way through a low level introductory course to C++ programming and whilst I am managing it is certainly not what I would call interesting or something that I excel at. Starting at the bottom is not a foreign concept to me, but my original plans to enter through programming are seeming less likely week by week.

My 2 real interests in gaming are every aspect the game world itself and experience it creates for the player. I spend a fair bit of time helping players on a private server forum for a game I no longer play simply for the enjoyment.

So really what I am asking is if anyone knows how someone like my self could break into a creative role in the game industry. I know I am being very vague and questions like this are thrown around all the time, its just that the only information I can find in my searches is experienced people from the game industry telling newcomers that they have no idea, which is obviously the case as I myself have no idea. Which is why I am asking for a few. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.