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Help with Feat display

03 May 2012 - 04:29 PM

Hi all,
I was hoping you could throw some ideas at me. I'm a solo developer creating a fantasy-based RPG as a hobby. I've basically zero art skills.
I'm coding in WPF, so I have access to many inbuilt elements, such as shapes (rectangles, circles etc), as well as buttons etc etc.

I'm trying to design a form where the user gets to view and buy feats.
I need to display 2 main elements;
  • "forest" selectors
  • feat "trees" (in the selected forest)
Call it group and sub-group if you wish.

Attached File  featsample.png   604.58KB   46 downloads

In this sample the forest are Ability Scores, Combat, Misc and Magic. Later there will be more.
Ability Scores is the selected Forest.
For each AS there's a feat tree, each with 3 feats.
The tooltip for Fitness +60 is being shown (but screen capture has hidden the mouse cursor).

Given my tool set (geometric shapes and buttons), how would you go about improving this form?