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In Topic: Amsterdam programmer salaries?

30 November 2013 - 06:18 PM

what stops you from signing up with some local recruiters and let them spam all local companies with your resume ?


Out of curiosity (I've been there few times), what exactly sparked your interest about living in Amsterdam ? Have you actually been there and spent at least few days ?


I would like to supplement my resume with some github projects and a coding blog before applying for a new job.  Also, I have heard there is a Dutch language test you have to pass before you can get a work visa.


I have been to Amsterdam twice, both on 24-hour or less tourist visas during layovers on flights between USA and South Africa.  But I would need to visit again before moving there.  Honestly, my reason for wanting to move is mainly their drug and prostitution laws.  Other than Bangladesh, it is the only country where it is legal to show up to a whorehouse stoned.  I am not hurting anyone else by doing it, so I can't see why it should be illegal.  (I feel the same way about seatbelt laws, or any other victimless crime).

In Topic: Is programming more in the category of writing than engineering?

10 November 2013 - 03:30 PM

Play around with an OO functional language focusing on equations for a while and you will probably quickly find many ways you can apply calculus to your business apps and almost all the areas wont be obvious either.



That sounds awesome!  I have been meaning to make some time to learn F#.  Do you have any examples of how you've applied calculus to a business app?  Did it have practical benefits?  (e.g., implemented code faster, more maintainable code, etc.)

In Topic: standard of living for Aussie devs?

19 October 2013 - 11:15 AM

Thanks for the detailed replies!  Rent is also giving me sticker shock, especially since here we generally have a fridge and shared laundry included, plus water and heat paid.

In Topic: DirectX Performance issues when using different window style

22 May 2012 - 08:26 PM

Good point, mhagain.

Are you changing window styles at runtime, or do you have a hardcoded value that you are changing?

If you're changing window styles at runtime, you may have confused your window's client area with the overall window size. When you call CreateWindow, the dimensions you specify include any area taken up by whatever titlebars and borders get created according to the window style you specify. There is a Win32 method called GetClientRect that tells you the area of your window excluding any titlebars and borders. So maybe your backbuffer is created with the dimensions that GetClientRect gives you, and then when you change to popup mode, your backbuffer is not getting resized.

Of course that's all assuming you're changing the window style at runtime.

In Topic: Pong Game Development

22 May 2012 - 05:19 PM

how to do it?
how it will change ball's direction?

You must have some piece of data that is keeping track of the ball's current direction. For example, you could have a float called currentDirection that is a value ranging from 0 - 360. Once you have determined the new direction for the ball, assign that value to currentDirection. (i.e., currentDirection = CalculateNewDirection();) Then on every frame, you need to update the ball's position, so you would do something like:

ball.x = ballSpeed * cos(currentDirection);
ball.y = ballSpeed * sin(currentDirection);

Your code may differ depending on which direction is 0 degrees, and whether degrees increase clockwise or counter-clockwise. Also, it is possible to keep track of the current direction using a vector instead of a float.