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In Topic: A diffrent type of rts.

21 December 2013 - 08:22 AM

I was thinking about it and, I'd REALLY like to play a single-player strategy campaign where I breed units in between RTS battles.  But I'm not sure how the breeding could fit into a multiplayer version (it's like the problem with balancing pokemon duels when players haven't completed the single player game, including maxing the level on their dueling team).  As for putting the breeding right into the RTS battle, I can't see how breeding, which is a though-requiring activity, would fit into a session where one is playing as fast as possible.


You could have a set number of breeding combos to toggle on throughout a multiplayer game. Sort of like magic the gathering and the sideboard cards, when you come up against something the units you have cant beat, you can start generating some mixed race from your sideboard.


That way you would not have to come up with a combo on the fly.


Would rts really be better for this than a turn based game?


A game I have been playing lately is xcom, and I could see how coming up with your own mixed up units to play in a squad like turn based game could be fun.


Or it could be played out like savage newearth, its a sort of rts but also a first person shooter.


I think a game like savage is always going to be better than mouser games like starcraft, warcraft, or command and conquer. Because units left alone or even those in combat that you aren't micromanaging are going to make a lot of mistakes.


Cool thing about savage is that each team has a player controlling it like its a rts, but every combatant for each side is directly controlled by separate players.



In Topic: Naming time? (how to measure time ingame)

20 December 2013 - 04:44 PM

If you are using a month as a time cycle you could show a moon picture waxing and waning from full moon to sliver.

In Topic: World War 2 Game - Economy Concept

19 December 2013 - 08:02 PM

You might want to add the civilian populations as a resource to be kept track of. Not everyone is in the military, but the civilian population is a resource as well. To keep the factories running, perform administrative tasks, manage shipping and well everything not related directly to combat.


Eventually the world war took a bad turn and killing civilians became a lateral goal to aid in the war effort, it was called collateral damage but it weakened moral and the ability to recover and carry on the fight.


Then there are partisans, freedom fighters or rebels that are not soldiers, or not soldiers of the country they harass.


If you are focusing only on the merchant and naval fleet at sea these things may not matter as much in this game.

In Topic: A diffrent type of rts.

19 December 2013 - 07:49 PM

Unless you purposefully pick out identifiable traits and try to tie them into the real world as a poorly disguised inside joke, I don't see anything wrong with making black orcs tougher yet possibly not as smart as goblins or whatever. In lord of the rings the black skinned/painted orcs with the white hand mark on them were stronger. bred that way out of the earth as a twisted form of elf.


There is no way to avoid having characteristics that set races apart and personalize them in a fantasy world. Players will want to look at a race, read a short description and have a feel for what its all about. So having intelligent devious yet weak goblins or gnomes breed with a big nasty troll to create a half breed that's not quite as large as a troll, but is more cunning and agile could make it a desired pairing.


If you go into detail as much as the "sims" game goes to personalize every character in the game, and then breed them together it would be way too much micromanagement for a rts.


What you could do is develop a combination, take the trolls and goblins base hereditary stock, and then experiment with percentages of lineage from each type to end up with a desired set of characteristics or stats in combat. Then once discovered you could apply those base races as resources that you must combine in the correct parts or fractions thereof. And as long as you have the right mix of the base breed you can create a stock or barracks of the hybrid. After that they could just breed with eachother.


I think this type of game could be fun, as it may end up like spore but instead of one race you have various genetic branches you can explore.


I think what others may have posted worries about is a deep seated ethnic slant to the game corresponding with real world peoples and cultures.


I don't think its an issue as its a game, and you would have to go out of your way to pattern in such slights.


If you are familiar with the wheel of time series, the trollocs in those books are humanoids with various beastial mixes to them. Horns, feathers, claws, hooves and all in a humanish looking form. That may give some inspiration.

In Topic: Naming time? (how to measure time ingame)

19 December 2013 - 03:07 PM

(just an idea)


You could have a clock, or what looks like a clock with a min hand but no hour hand. One revolution could be a day, or week, or month, or year that you set it for. Any time something is selected a number appears digitally near the middle of the clock counting down full revolutions of that min hand until that task is completed.


So if you set the clock to count as a single day for one complete circle of the min hand, and you target a structure that takes four and a half more days to complete, the digital readout would show 4.5


Looking at budget window and there are 25 more days until taxes are paid/due then it would show 25


The min hand would continue to go around the clock at the same pace, counting off one full day every rotation.


Changing the speed of the game 1x 2x 3x 4x would make it spin faster, or alternatively make everything require less "days" or revolutions to complete.


That way in one corner of the screen you are showing time passing, and also a way to quickly show progress on any action you are taking with just a few digits in the middle of the clock.