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In Topic: Feedback for platform/action-adventure title concept :D

12 May 2012 - 05:35 PM

Thank you for your feedback so far. No offense taken supageek, but Stroppy is right, it is definitely not along the lines of a twin-stick shooter.

By no means is it a completely original game, like I mentioned, it is meant to be similar to classic Metroid gameplay. Even though it's been forever since this type of game first came out, they are still very enjoyable (at least in my opinion). I definitely think that the more recent, Cave Story proves that this genre is far from dead and can be just as fun as ever.

As for differences that make this game stand out. . . . the gameplay itself will not be that different from other titles like this, it is meant to be a farmiliar interface. The main difference is the story and twists the player will experience throughout it.