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Animations in DirectX

04 June 2012 - 07:49 AM

Hi! I'm working on a quite simple project of a 3D chess-like game whit teams in which chequers has various skill and can level up...
I use c++ and DirectX10.
My project doesn't need any phisichs or collision detection, but some amount of animations could really make the difference...
I am able of make the static models whit 3dsmax and import it to my engine, whit a converter that i have created.
Can you suggest me a good format in which save my animating models and a method of import it in my engine?
I tryed to search it in the net (and to create a format by myself too) but i found only discussion about the old .X format for dx9, so if you can suggest me some material (site, tutorials, books) too you'll do me a great favor!! Posted ImagePosted Image
Thank's!!Posted Image

ps: sorry my bad english!Posted Image

I have learned direct3d, what next?

12 May 2012 - 09:29 AM

HI! I'm a new user, Gabriele! I have just found this site and i think it's amazing! ^^
I've some question that are tormenting me!
I've followed a lot of tutorial, books and read a lot of code and i have learned to use Direct 3D whit directX 10 to implement a scene and fill the world whit my 3dstudiomax models, i've learned lot of thecnichs like bump mapping,varius effects, water, lights, implement movement,audio and so on..
So now i've my character that turn aimlessly like a ghost that pass through the model.
I would like to know a method to implement the animation in my engine..
i've animated my charcter in 3dstudio but i'm not able to do a importer of the animations, i'try a lot of format of exportation from 3dstudio, but reeally i don't get the point, i spending a lot of time searching online too ,but i found only a lot of discussion abount the .x file that works only in directX9 and too difficult discussion that requires a knowledge of directX that i don't have and i don't know where i can find it ..

More or less the same thing it appends to me tryng to learn collision detection and phisycs for games..
So I download some books on the AI thats are even more difficult to implement XD

So my question is, what should i study after the Direct3D? which is the next step to do? My impression is to have a precipice ahead! ^^
Furthermore can you suggest me some site,some books and other stuff that cover this argoments completely and clearly?

Hope that someone will help me! Game programming is my real passion, but i'm in this stall from two mounth and it begins to totter and it is frustrating!

thank's,Gabriele! ^^

Ps: sorry for my bad english.. (i'm italian XD)