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Simple hitTest with directions

15 May 2012 - 02:52 PM

Hello people, it's my first time here so i not sure this is the right forum for the topic but aways, i trying to make a box collision function that returns what direction the box has collided (1 for left, 2 for right, 3 for up, 4 for down) and returns 0 in no collision, but i have econtered various issues in what seems to me like functional logic. here's my funcion i using SDL for C btw. I'd be happy if someone could point out the problem with my code or provide a better solution (in code) it would help very much.

int TestCollision(SDL_Rect a, SDL_Rect b){
   int Aleft = a.x;
   int Aright = a.x + a.w;
   int Atop = a.y;
   int Abottom = a.y+a.h;
   int Bleft = b.x;
   int Bright = b.x + b.w;
   int Btop = b.y;
   int Bbottom = b.y+b.h;
   bool bottom = Abottom < Bbottom;
   bool top = Atop > Btop;
   bool left = Aright > Bleft;
   bool right = Aleft < Bright;
   if((left && top) || (left && bottom))
	    return 2;
   if((right && top) || (right && bottom))
	    return 1;
   if((top && left) || (top && right))
	    return 3;
   if((bottom && left) || (bottom && right))
	    return 4;
   return 0;

thanks for reading :)