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Java engine (or something that works with Java)

16 May 2012 - 06:39 AM


I'm a phd student and I have built an AI system in Java, which creates stories and presents them to the user. The only user user input is in the form of answers to specific questions that help the story progress. The output of the system is text-based and the user answers some questions (when needed) with a yes or no (there are other questions and options as well but it's irrelevant to mention them).

I'm searching for a game engine so I can connect my system with it, to switch from a text-based output to a proper visual experience. I need something either written in Java, or at least that can work in real time with my Java-based system.

I'm searching for something that I can easily find assets for (e.g. terrains, rooms, characters, items, etc.), since I don't care of how the characters or rooms look. I just need to visualise (in an simple and relatively easy way) the stories that my system creates. As I mentioned before, the only user input will be to click a button so he can select an answer to a question. I don't need him to be able to control characters etc, so I assume that simplifies things.

Does anyone know any solution that will fit my needs?

Thank you for reading and for any answers.

PS: I hope I explained properly what I need, but in case that you need any clarification, please let me know.