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Level of Detail with large terrains (Several million vertices brute force)

16 May 2012 - 07:21 AM

Hey guys,
This is my first post here, and I basically joined to post this because I'm having some issues with various different LOD algorithms.
I'm trying to create a dynamic real-time level of detail system to render a huge terrain. If rendered with brute force this would result in millions of
polygons, so it would obviously be prudent to use LOD.
I've attempted this in XNA several times to build a viable model, and so far i've used ROAM, Geomipmapping and of course Quadtrees, as well as a combination of the last two.
None of these were really optimal for what i'm trying to achieve, as in all cases they sucked up too many CPU resources (With geomipmapping being somewhat precomputed)
The question that i'm asking is what good algorithms (or combinations of algorithms) could I use to bring down by CPU usage? I'm switching over to C++ with DX11 so i'll have access to tesselation and the geometry shader on the graphics card, but my area of knowledge doesn't really include these... Should I attempt to implement some GPGPU calculation? Some way down the road i'd optimally like to use another algorithm like marching cubes as well for the high res LOD so it'd permit me to create overhangs in the terrain and such...