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#5105916 Comments on an RPG party system

Posted by on 31 October 2013 - 05:40 AM

Thanks for the in-depth response powerneg, appreciate it. The game will have a relatively high visual fidelity, we're using unreal 3 for mobile and we've released a game with it before so characters should be fully actualised. 


The issue I'm having is devising a system in which the Player's choice of party members affects their performance in combat. It's important for the characteristics of the party members to affect the player in some way. I guess I'm just interested in ideas for party members influencing their leader in some way. 

I'm a fan of the "less is more approach", so it has to be just the right mechanic for us to add it to the prototype list. 

#5083584 Non-random evasion in turn-based games?

Posted by on 06 August 2013 - 10:41 AM

I saw someone mention the quicktime event based dodge further up the thread. I was really impressed with the Gears of War approach to reloading (anyone unfamiliar, you are able (but not forced) to press the reload button a second time during the animation and if you time it correctly can reload faster with more powerful bullets. However, if you time it incorrectly reloading takes significantly longer).


This had an impression on me, simply because of the risk/reward element to such a commonplace and fundamental mechanic of the combat.


You could try swiping backwards on a character about to receive an attack to dodge, but if the input is not received within a window the character takes increased damage for the hit. This would also allow enemies to make feints and appear to attack one enemy but instead attack another at the last moment.


(On a personal note, I had purchased Bushido Blade when I was quite young and it had stuck in my minds for years without me able to recollect it's name. Thanks for the reminder!)

#5072945 Addressing Issues with Mobile Gaming Inputs.

Posted by on 26 June 2013 - 07:10 AM

Seems like an interesting set of inputs. I like that you use a thrust leaver to controller to acceleration of the ship. I imagine that this must feel like the player is really piloting the ship. 

#5071792 Addressing Issues with Mobile Gaming Inputs.

Posted by on 21 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

My company recently released it's debut game. We're 7 guys working out of a tiny office in the UK. It's also my first credit as a game designer so has a special significance for me. 
When I first started on the project, the lead told me about our objectives in developing the game. One of the key ones was to come up with a control system which was more intuitive for a touchscreen platform than virtual sticks and/or buttons. Our issues with these traditional inputs were as follows:
  • Virtual Sticks and buttons occupy screen space  which could be used to view the game.
  • Playing with these inputs can be quite uncomfortable on the hands. 
  • Virtual sticks are a legacy concept from different, physical input pad platforms. 
  • Number of inputs is limited by the available screen space for buttons and sticks. 
It was our aim to improve on this by providing a range touch and gestural controls to manipulate the character.
Our game has been released, and we are pleased with our feedback thus far. However, one thing which seems to pop up quite often, is the request for virtual sticks and buttons. We designed our game controls specifically NOT to implement these traditional modes of control.
Some videos of people playing our game have shown them holding the device as though it were to be used with virtual thumbsticks and buttons, and so they have a harder time mastering the movement and camera of the game. 
And so I ask, 
  • Do you think virtual sticks and buttons are the best inputs for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones?
  • Have we overestimated the importance of non-traditional inputs for touchscreen devices?
  • Should we consider adding these methods of control to the game, despite it being contrary to the design philosophy we developed along with the game?
I hasten to add, we've appreciated all feedback from our users and only hope to learn from the information and suggestions they provide.