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Topics I've Started

Comments on an RPG party system

29 October 2013 - 09:55 AM

We're currently in pre-production for an RPG upcoming in 2014/15. At the moment we are discussing the finer details of a party system we've planned to implement, however the details are still very much in debate. 


Quick Summary: A 3D Action RPG for mobile devices which uses a party system to command 2 AI team mates during combat (the team mates are not playable at any point, but can be swapped for others throughout the game). The party you have with you also affect elements of the gameplay outside of the combat system. Currently, player's would choose from 3 broad types, each of which having an affect on an facet of the non-combat gameplay. Within combat the broad types also serve particular functions, and have skills and behaviours defining them as such.


Would love to hear opinions/comments on:


  • Should the party composition affect the stats of the Player's avatar? (E.g. Increased health for the player if he has 2 healers in his party).
  • Should the party members be characters in their own right, or are they purely tools/buffs for the lead character? (story is told from a first person writing perspective).
  • What would you be most likely to choose a party member for? Their appearance, combat abilities, out of combat abilities? Anything else?
  • Do you like to see all the effects and benefits of a particular party set-up or do you prefer a softer, less overt approach.


Any advice, suggestions or opinions would be great. 



Manipulating Sound as a game mechanic.

16 September 2013 - 03:38 AM

My brother has a concept for a game he wants to create. The primary mechanic being, the leading of the player through the world by means of sound. I've told him I'll help him white box some test rooms in udk tonight, but I was wondering if you folks have any more ideas for how to manipulate the sound. 


I have:


- Cue sound on location (trigger it when a spot is reached).

- Attenuate between two locations (fade in or out depending on where the player is).

- Cue sound on action (trigger when something happens in the game world).


Can you guys think up of other ways to manipulate sound in a game environment?

Addressing Issues with Mobile Gaming Inputs.

21 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

My company recently released it's debut game. We're 7 guys working out of a tiny office in the UK. It's also my first credit as a game designer so has a special significance for me. 
When I first started on the project, the lead told me about our objectives in developing the game. One of the key ones was to come up with a control system which was more intuitive for a touchscreen platform than virtual sticks and/or buttons. Our issues with these traditional inputs were as follows:
  • Virtual Sticks and buttons occupy screen space  which could be used to view the game.
  • Playing with these inputs can be quite uncomfortable on the hands. 
  • Virtual sticks are a legacy concept from different, physical input pad platforms. 
  • Number of inputs is limited by the available screen space for buttons and sticks. 
It was our aim to improve on this by providing a range touch and gestural controls to manipulate the character.
Our game has been released, and we are pleased with our feedback thus far. However, one thing which seems to pop up quite often, is the request for virtual sticks and buttons. We designed our game controls specifically NOT to implement these traditional modes of control.
Some videos of people playing our game have shown them holding the device as though it were to be used with virtual thumbsticks and buttons, and so they have a harder time mastering the movement and camera of the game. 
And so I ask, 
  • Do you think virtual sticks and buttons are the best inputs for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones?
  • Have we overestimated the importance of non-traditional inputs for touchscreen devices?
  • Should we consider adding these methods of control to the game, despite it being contrary to the design philosophy we developed along with the game?
I hasten to add, we've appreciated all feedback from our users and only hope to learn from the information and suggestions they provide. 

Creating Tension in an Action/Adventure iOS game

17 May 2012 - 04:11 AM

I am currently whiteboxing levels for an iOS adventure game set in a parallel universe. The mission I am currently working on is a chase, where the protagonist is being chased through the streets of a city by the law enforcement body.

How might I be able to generate tension and vulnerability for the player whilst adhering to the limitation of our platform.

-Needs to use relatively few skeletal mesh npcs in each scene. (approx 5 - 7)
-Needs to be short (5 - 10 minutes)
-Needs to have direction (level will be linear and player must be guarded down certain paths)

Any ideas?