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In Topic: Taxes in Google Play and other questions

22 October 2012 - 12:55 PM

1. How do I handle taxes on the income I make? Do I have to pay them at all?
2. Do I have to pay taxes to the Italian government (I live in Italy) or the USA?
3. Is there any sort of basic copyright protection I can use for a start?
4. I've heard that I can protect my work just by writing something prohibiting the use of artwork and stuff, is that true?
5. I suppose that to use some copyrighted content (like a song) I need to have the written permittance of the author, but how is it regulated?

1. If Italy has an income tax, then you have to pay tax on your income. Check with Italy's government website.
2. Italy.
3. Yes. Check with Italy's IP protection website.
4. Yes. Copyright is automatic.
5. It's regulated in two ways: (1) the owner of the IP you use without permission can take action against you, have the game removed, and sue you for damages; (2) the Google store might deny you permission to sell your game on their service if they believe you used someone's IP without permission.

Whoah, that was fast. Thanks, that sorted it out for me (finally)

In Topic: Ways to fill space underneath the terrain

14 October 2012 - 11:50 AM

Well, can't you just take the points that you have and extrude them in pairs downwards to the bottom of the screen (pretty trivial, keep x coordinate and set y coordinate to 0), and draw a textured quad with those 4 points? Preferrably with a kind of "earth" texture, or with some brown-blackish Perlin noise.

Yes, that must be it. I was too bent on making it all a single texture for each section (which has 8 of these pieces). Thanks.

In Topic: Ways to fill space underneath the terrain

13 October 2012 - 09:32 AM

I'm really not following your opening post, could you please clarify? I have the following questions:

a) So I assume it's a 2D terrain, but what sort?
b) What do you mean "it just chooses between different directions of the terrain within a range (horizontal, vertical and so on)"? Is it a tile-based terrain and it chooses N, S ,E or W facing tiles accordingly?
c) What do you mean by "making the terrain stay in bounds"?
d) What is the idea of this "simple layer system" and what do you mean by "overlaps"? Overlapping tiles?
e) Where do these hole artefacts appear and why?

-Yes, it's a 2D terrain in a side scrolling game, sort of what's in Terraria.
-No, basically the system decides what's going to be the direction of the terrain, it can be a vertical cliff, a horizontal plain or the side of a hill.
-Avoid the generic terrain texture go above the texture of the generated terrain
-Layer hierarchy, for example one in which the sky is at the background, the generic terrain is one level up, and the generated terrain is on the top of both layers.

Just to clarify, i refer as generic terrain to the filler between the generated terrain the character is actually going to move on, and the bottom of the screen.

In Topic: Collision in an infinite scroll 2D game

20 August 2012 - 10:34 AM

for the narrow phase http://www.wildbunny...on-for-dummies/ could be useful
For broad phase i guess a grid is a good idea in most 2D games

Thanks, that's exactly what i need.
@David.M: Thanks for replying too, but that's for common horizontal rectangles, and i need something more complex than that.

In Topic: Collision in an infinite scroll 2D game

18 August 2012 - 01:47 PM

I would use two triangles that compose a box for collision detection. You can just apply a rotation matrix to rotate the vertices of the triangles when your object rotates.

I probably expressed it badly, but my problem is not how to make the box, but rather how to detect collision with other boxes.